Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Moi MInerals Cosmetics Swatches

Hey everybody!

Let me start out by saying I just love getting sparklies in the mail.. I checked yesterday and my order from Moi Minerals Cosmetics had arrived all the way from Canada! Yay!  I'm just doing this to show you guys the pretty colors. I haven't used them on mah face yet, so I'm not going to make this a review. However, I might give you my first impressions & descriptions of the colors.. while I'm here I might as well, no? :D (The color descriptions are mine, not from the company)

Everything swatched over ELF :P 1$ Eyelid Primer

Zim: dusty forest green with red & green sparks, Gir: Greyish/Cornflower blue, with blue,turquoise & green sparks

2nd Chance: Bronzed, liquid metal I'm going to be using this one for a steampunk inspired look! It's PERFECT! Rush: Greyple, leaning more towards purple with a bunch of multi sparks

Diego: Plummy taupe with a SUPER strong blue shift, Blades of Glory: Seafoam with a really pretty violet shift, Dirty Girl, a Greyed Brown with golden sparks

My RunAway looks VERY different than the website, this is a dusty rose/med to light brown with a baby pink shift (im pretty sure it was a darker color shifting blue on the website, its pretty , just not what I was expecting) Master of Puppets: a lovely darkened royal purple with tons of purple,teal ..multi sparks, Copper Heat: a copper liquid metal, this looks quite similar to 2nd chance in photos but IRL copper heat is MUCH more copper/orangey.

Diego is stunning. Shifting blue for you :D

Master of Puppets. Screaming with SPARKS!
 I love this song. I use it as an anthem while playing my  <3 Warlock. I think it fits perfectly. Gets me all hyped up to PvP. "Dedicated to.... How I'm killing YOU!" "Master of Puppets, I'm pulling your strings, Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams!"*evil grin*

These are the lippies I got. :( I thought Piggy would be WAY more pigmented and opaque by the swatch photos, You can see that its quite sheer in the drop down.  Chiller Attraction is pretty nice/ very pigmented and has lots of silver sparks. Mauve is a purple and shifts blue.. which is really pretty but it has a weird grainy texture and feels like its melting on your lips when you put it on.. (does that even make sense to anyone but me?)
There's definitely some must have's in here guys. :D Have you tried Moi before? Do you see anything here you like? Do you have a favorite from them I don't have yet?

Monday, April 23, 2012

NTMS: Spring Brights

Never Too Much Sparkle Facebook Group Challenge:
Spring Brights

 For Challenges I'm not going to list off products used. It will just be a photo entry for the most part and how I was influenced by the challenge. If you are curious about a particular item I used, please feel free to comment below and I'll do my best to answer!

My influence: The unusual 70 degree weather Seattle has been having the past 2 days and BRIGHT pastel colored makeup. Since the makeup colors were a huge part of my inspiration for this look I'm going to actually list them below for this challenge.

Eyes gradient from Inner corner to Outer:
Evil Shades : Steele Green
Evil Shades : Faerie Dreams
Evil Shades : Spellcaster
BFTE : Starstruck (also used in lower lash line)

My Pretty Zombie : Mng #3 - Crease
My Pretty Zombie : Unicorn Pee - Highlight & under crease color.

Wet n Wild : Pinkerbell (matte lipstick)
Darling Girl : Pinky Swear Liquid Kiss (top glaze)

BTW.. I absolutely ADORE this lip color combo. I've been wearing it the past week now, and think its perfect for spring. Oh! And about those new Wnw matte lippies while I'm thinking about it. I really love gloss over them. Yes, its partially because.. I'm just a gloss type of girl, (I like shinies >.<) but.. I'm also a habitual "maw-er" you know... constantly rubbing my lips together when I have anything on them.. this RUINS the finish of matte lipstick, and I end up having to take it completely off and reapply it. But, I find if I add a layer of gloss over the top of it, my lips glide smoothly and I end up with a better looking lip for longer.. (Yes this does affect the wear time. But I'm okay with that ) :D Hope this helps someone out there like me!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Evil Shades Swatches (Part 2) : Blush & Eyeshadow

So cute! I took way too many photos of these little guys!
Hi there! 
So today I don't really have much to say. But I have lots of pretty photos for you guys to look at! :D Here's the finale of my Evil Shades sample stash. And awayyyyyy we go!

As you can see Evil Shades eyeshadow samples come in clamshells.
 I will show you the blush first. I'm not much of a blush wearer to be honest with you all. I have really fair skin, and when I do wear it, its next to nothing or it looks "clownish" on me. I decided to try out 4 relatively light/sparkly shades.
Evil Shades Blush : on bare skin. top swatch : heavy application, bottom swatch : lightly blended out.

Another Angle

Close Up

Close Up
Now... Onto the eyeshadows I picked out. I wanted a variety of bold colors, and that's exactly what I got. All swatches are done over e.l.f. 1$ Primer.. which I despise.. I was just using it for swatches to get rid of it.
Evil Shades Eyeshadow : Over e.l.f. Sheer Eyelid Primer (1$)

Soft Focus for sparkly goodness

Evil Shades Eyeshadow : Over e.l.f. Sheer Eyelid Primer (1$)

I really loved all the colors I received, but I think my top 2 favorites were Moirae & Zombie. Here is a look I did using them in combination.

 So... see anything you have to have from Evil Shades? Am I missing any MUST HAVE colors? Let me know! See ya again soon!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Evil Shades Swatches (Part 1) : Lippies

This post has been a long time in the making. I've been under quite a bit of stress in my personal life. Having some difficulty with my health, but hoping to be on the path to getting back to "normal" soon. I thought you guys would enjoy this. Awhile back I ordered a bunch of samples from the MAGNIFICENT and MARVELOUS Evil Shades. I am just blown away by the formulas of her products , and the fine attention to detail. This branding screams out to me and I can identify with the cutesy goth girl on the packaging. As far as lip products go, I can safely say that most typically I'm a "gloss girl". The same rings true here. Don't get me wrong, her lipsticks are wonderful, smooth and buttery, and highly pigmented.. it's honestly just a personal preference. My favorite out of the entire bunch was Hardcore Lips in Lost Kiss, followed by Deviant lipstick in Bane. A close third.. to my surprise was Devious Virtue. I've NEVER worn such a neutral shade on my lips.. but really found myself enjoying this one.  My swatches are okay at best, some shades I got better photos of than others. My hope is to just give you an idea of what they look like. Enjoy!

natural light
taken with flash / soft focus for glittery goodness
Lip Swatches:
Bane : Sometimes I like to do "cut-out" lips to show what it looks like without my skin tone affecting the color. (However, there is no stopping my lips natural color from having an effect on the overall shade)
Devious Virtue
Felines Kyss
Fearless (IRL a little "pinker" than shown, the arm swatch more closely represents this shade. This one was TOUGH to photograph for me, and wore more "red" than pink on my lips for some reason.)

Bane in action
Felines Kyss in action
Corset in action

Lost Kiss in action
Overall I think these lippies are tops. I can't wait to place another order to try some more out! (Gotta get a full size of Lost Kiss too!! ) :D Do you have any ES lippies? Do you have any suggestions for my next order? Thanks for stopping by!