All of my posts are my opinion. Please take all advice, and anything you read on the internet under your own advisement before attempting or recreating. YOU may have different results using the same products. We are not all clones and lemmings, therefore not everything that will work for me will necessarily work for you. I know what works for MY hair, skin, nails, body, etc.

In short: Play at your own risk!

I have not received financial compensation nor trade for my opinion. The majority of products I use in my blog I purchase. I will always state if anything has been sent to me by a PR rep or if the items I received were gratis. You may not always agree with what I say, but that's ok we can still be friends!  We are different and its being unique which makes us truly beautiful. The subjects I write about on my blog are my OWN opinion.  I will always be honest when giving reviews of my experiences with a product or a company. EXPERIENCES VARY. I  also reserve the right to change my opinion as I see fit. THINGS CHANGE. New information, aging or time itself has a way of skewing my likes/dislikes.

I reserve the right to delete comments I believe are offensive, blatant advertisement for another blog, or is (bashing) in nature. This is MY blog, it is here for the sole purpose of being an outlet for my creativity, not your negativity. 

I do accept products for consideration but do not guarantee reviews.  
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