Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: 13 Gypsies Perfumery

Good News Everyone! 

Today I have a review for you all. I'm so excited to share so lets just get to it shall we?

Notes about the Company:
13 Gypsies Perfumery , owned by Darla Evans. She has over 15 years of experience & extensive training in the perfume oil industry. She uses high quality, grade A oils and does not add any alcohol, animal products, water or  diluents to her perfumes. My experience with them was wonderful. They have a wide variety of over 100 different custom blended scents which is a HUGE reason I prefer to shop with Indie scent companies. I love the uniqueness of the scents I can get. I emailed the owner regarding a sale that had just ended the day before and  she graciously honored it, that was STELLAR service in my book. My package came very nicely packed in lots of bubble wrap (tension sheet) , so the glass vials would not break during shipment. The whole thing smelled lovely of course, as soon as I opened it. Shipping & Processing was very swift and she ships worldwide.

The Goods:
I ordered a sample pack of 12 and a sample pack of 3 for a total of 15 samples.
 What I got:
*A list, in no particular order of what I got with my own personal notes on the scents. Starred scents indicate my favorites.
CLICK HERE to see a master list of scent descriptions directly from 13 Gypsies.

Smells of strawberry and patchouli. Very sweet. Light dusting of chocolate in the background.

Decadent and pure chocolate. Reminds me of chocolate liqueur(Godiva Chocolate Liqueur)  or melted Tootsie Rolls.  Mostly chocolate though, not a lot of sweet sugary stuff.

*Cauldron Smoke
Vanilla, so very sweet and creamy, light whiffs of cherry in the background.

Cinnamon (spice) & cinnamon candies immediately. Followed by clove. Warm and spicy. Smells like a very intense version of my favorite tea @ Teavana (White Ayurvedic Chai and Samurai Chai Mate Blend)

This one to me, has the cutest bottle wrapper of them all. It was the first one I said "ooh purfume!" to. It's not a smack you in the face/ your grandma wears this , type of perfume smell. It's not overpowering. The perfume smell is blended nicely with sweet berries.

*Wool of Bat
Black licorice/ anise immediately. Followed by the warmth of clove and a touch of smokiness from patchouli. This is a nice spicy scent and reminds me of Autumn. I LOVE black licorice, but if you don't .. I wouldn't necessarily suggest this. My husband isn't a fan. LoL.

Red Licorice
This one, was one I was really looking forward to. I have a tub of Red Vines next to me as I type this. I open the lid all the time just to breathe in that intoxicating smell. This... is....so.. close. As you walk by this it's near perfection. But if you linger to smell, its just not quite right. It smells EXACTLY like cherry Chapstick.

I adore this one. It smells simply of roses and patchouli. Seamlessly blended into a perfect potion.

Sweet sugar, fairy floss and smoke. Smells as though you are standing next to a cigar puffin' Carney. This scent is carnivale : after dark, very adult. It's certainly different than the OHWTO: Carnivale I have. It doesn't have that childhood whimsey that OHWTO's has. Im not sayin its a bad thing, its just totally different. No citrus notes to lighten the scent. Its very dark and wonderfully intriguing.

 This is probably the most familiar scent out of the bunch I got. What I mean by familiar is, is that I've smelled this scent before it seems. Maybe not this scent EXACTLY, but it hits me like a memory. It smells like an incense shop. Particularly of sandalwood and patchouli. There's a little floral something in the background.. to me at least.

Bee's Knees
Warmth. Honey kisses. A light berry scent with a hint of smokiness. I totally understand the name for this. When you close your eyes and smell this you see amber dripping off a sticky honeycomb. Not overtly sweet.

Jeepers Creepers
I love the name of this one! In fact, I use this name for all my skeleton pets in Rift (Im a Necromancer/Warlock) This to me smells like Sweet Tarts & patchouli. Smells kind of like dusty, dirty Sun Moon & Stars.

Yeah.. thats 3 stars. This is amazing. No wonder this is their signature scent. I almost didn't grab it because there were just a bunch of berries listed in the description, and that's usually not my thing, but... WOW. Its SO super sweet smelling. While I can't pick out each individual berry in there, its wonderful and I almost smell something like bubblegum in there too. Smells like summertime in a bottle.

This is like a strawberry - cherry blend. Spicy like a wench Im certain, had to be. The vanilla and clove I smell sometimes separately and sometimes together I get an almost floral scent like the perfume she might be wearing. I am certainly a fan of this one.

*Sister Moon
This one would be a mood smell for me. I close my eyes and smell this and it smells like Moonlight to me. Which is awesome because I'm a graveyard girl. Its so light and flowery. Smells like fairies and petals floating in the air over a hidden pond on a warm summer evening.

 In conclusion, I'm ecstatic about my purchase. There isn't one scent I disliked, and I'm pretty particular about smells. I'm very excited to try more of her scents! When I do order again, are you guys interested in another post? Do you enjoy scent reviews? Which one of 13 Gypsies scents would you want to try? Is there a hidden gem on her master list you think I need to try? Let me know! Thanks!

***Disclosure Statement: All products were purchased solely by me, for my own personal enjoyment. None of the products listed above were sent to me gratis. I was not or will ever be compensated in any form for my testimonial, reviews or opinions. This is my own personal opinion, you may have different results, or different experiences.***

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Not the Best Buy

Hey guys,

I just needed a place to rant, and so this won't be about makeup today. Feel free to skip this post if you're totally uninterested! Today, I'm upset about respect. Humans should treat other humans as though they are humans... right?  I'm so freaking sick of being treated as though I'm a pile of poo just because you are waiting on me at a restraurant or checking me out at a store. I treat everyone with respect. Its just how I roll. I don't care if you are a sanitation worker, Im going to treat you the same as if you were the president of a multi national corperation. I don't see why it's such a big deal to expect to be treated with dignity anymore. Here is the situation that really broke the camels back for me.

I LOVE gadgets and technology. I adore getting new toys to play with. My new obsession lately has been with the white iPhone 4. I have been researching it for months. Comparing it to other cell phones. Reading reviews and watching videos.  I can safely say it was something I wanted and had been very much looking forward to getting.  My husband and I decided that Thursday July 21st would be iPhone day! We are on graveyard hours and decided the best place to get the phone would be from Best Buy. They are open till 9pm in our area and we shop there often. That evening, we got ready and left the house both of us buzzing with our nerdy excitement to get the new phone. Unfortunately, we left disappointed. Below, you will find a letter that I have sent to Best Buy regarding the events that transpired that evening.

To Whom it May Concern, 

Hello there.

This is to discuss an event that occurred with a customer service representative who was working at the _________ location in ________,WA at your mobile phone sales desk on the evening of July 21,2011. The gentleman's name I didn't get. However, what I did get was being treated with disrespect. I will refer to this man from here on out as "Joe" to simplify things. I went into the store roughly 30 minutes prior to 9pm which was the stores closing hour. I stood in line and watched as 2 representatives helped other customers. I waited patiently for my turn which took 20 minutes without any acknowledgement from any other store employee. The man in question, "Joe" finished with his customer first. I smiled and started to walk over to his desk.  As he finished, he jumped up from his desk and spoke towards my husband and myself. He asked us if we had a quick question he could help us with? I replied that no, we didn't have a question but that we were there to upgrade a phone on a plan. I explained to him that we wanted to purchase a white iPhone 4 for the Verizon network. He responded quickly with a snide laugh and said that Verizon didn't have an iPhone 3. I repeated myself again and he stated that he,personally would be unable to do the upgrade for us because he needed to leave the store promptly at 9pm. "Joe" turned to his associate and spoke to us, he stated that this other man would be able to help us just as soon as he was finished with the customer he was helping, we would just have to wait a moment for his help, but he repeated again that HE had to leave promptly at 9pm. The other representative replied that he was untrained on how to finish a request like that and "Joe" replied to his co-worker that he would be able to ask any number of  other people who were still in the store working for help when he needed it. The other rep continued to shake his head and asked why "Joe" wouldn't just stay a few more minutes and help us instead. "Joe" replied that he MUST leave at 9pm.  "Joe" turned to us after arguing in front of us with his co-worker for a few minutes. He told us that he wouldn't be able to fulfill our request after all. He stated at this time that it was 9pm and the store was closing. He said that the transaction would require a minimum of 30 minutes to complete and that his manager was "cracking down" on hours and that they HAD to leave promptly at 9pm. He stated that it was company policy for them to leave at 9pm due to pay cut backs, and that no one would be allowed to stay. He asked if I would mind coming back the following day.  At this point I was quite confused and upset that I had been treated as though  my time had no value. I had indeed come in prior to closing time THAT day. I had spent my time waiting in line, I spent my time in my car to drive there, my time online researching what I needed to get so my transaction would run smoothly, I spent money on resources to get there. I was told that I would be helped, and then I was told minutes later that  it was against company policy to help me. I told "Joe" that if I wasn't going to be helped that evening,  that I would take my business elsewhere the following day. He immediately shrugged and stated "OK, that's fine." and turned away from us to leave. (His tone was very much uncaring, a "thank god they are leaving" tone) I did not expect "Joe" to keep the store open for ME, I didn't even expect to get my purchase that evening. After all that had transpired. But what I did expect from him was sincerity and kindness. I expected him to apologize for not being able to help me that evening, and possibly INVITE me back stating possibly his hours and what times he could help me if i decided to change my mind. An interest in helping me and keeping me as a customer.  Instead, he blatantly disregarded me and my business. He never acknowledged that I had waited any amount of time prior to closing, nor did he apologize for being unable to assist me with my purchase at that time. I took his uncaring attitude as to weather or not I came back as a sign that my business was UNNEEDED at Best Buy in general.Not just as a sign I was unwanted that evening. I feel as though, if the store is open and operational until 9pm then I should have been treated with as much service as all the other patrons in the store. I left the store with tears in my eyes, because he had treated me with such disregard, not because I didn't have my product. The following day, I went to a Verizon store miles away from the Best Buy I had gone to the night before. I was treated wonderfully. They helped me with smiles on their faces and because I knew exactly what I wanted to purchase the entire process took less than 10 minutes from start to finish.  The reason I'm writing this lengthy email is solely to inform you that your customer service representatives are not doing customer service, nor representing your company in a very respectful manner. The one I spoke to had NO regard for me or my purchase. I use to spend hundreds of dollars a year at Best Buy. My purchase that day would have been well over $200.00. But it makes no difference if I was there to spend 1000$ or 1$, all customers should be treated with the same respect. He gave me no respect. He was selfish and rude, and dismissed my business as though I was a speck of dust he was wiping from his shoulder. Because of this I will no longer be shopping at any Best Buy stores. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter. I do hope that this might help in the future so that no other customers will have to suffer the disrespect I did that evening from this employee.



In the end, I was glad I walked away. I didn't loose my temper or throw a tantrum in the middle of the store. I felt like I probably should have spoken to his supervisor but I didn't want to be so fully emotionally engaged when I spoke to someone about the incident. I don't like speaking out of emotion alone, because I feel I may regret things I say during those times. I was alot happier with the end result and the fact that I had gone to the different store where I was treated so well. I'm also very happy with my new purchase. I mean.. in the time it took this guy at Best Buy to shoo us away, he could of just made the sale and made everyone happy. And even if if truly was unable to sell it to us due to time restraints, because I realize stuff happens and some days you really have to leave at a certain time. But there was plenty of time for him to be polite to us, in fact, that's his job. He makes a salary to be polite to me and he still wasn't able to manage it. Lets try to find a little more respect for one another guys PLEASE.

Have you been treated with disrespect somewhere? How did you handle the situation? 

/end rant. thanks for reading & commenting! *hugs*

Saturday, July 16, 2011

EOTD 07.16.11 Girls Bubble Hearth

Hello there Ladies & Gents!

It's been too long since I've blogged. /palmface Sorry about that. I'm trying really hard to do it more often, however my skin has been so dry and irritated lately I just have to allow it time to heal before I make it worse with unnecessary beauty products. I'm sure you all understand. That being said, I missed make up a lot. So I did today's look and wanted something PINK and completely girly! I honestly don't think this is the most interesting look I've ever done, but it sure was a sight for sore eyes.. litterally! I'm glad I was finally able to put make up on today.

What I used:
Geek Chic Cosmetics Bubble Hearth - Inner lid
Geek Chic Cosmetics Are There Any Girls Out There?- Most of the lid
BFTE Casablanca Nights- Crease
(I tried to use GC-Solid Snake here first, but I wasn't getting the vibrant blue sparkles I usually get with Casablanca Nights, so I used it instead. I ended up not getting the sparkle with that one either though, I think I needed to use more base in the crease to have something for the sparkle to really cling too. USER ERROR for sure.)
BFTE Butt Naked - Highlight

Lips -
NYX Round Lipstick - Spellbound

If you've ever gone a few days without makeup on Im sure you noticed this as well. You think you look okay without it.. but then when you finally put some on.. you go.. well.. jeeze I look SO much better with it on why would I go out without it! >.<  Ha! Im not saying theres no NATURAL beauty out there, I'm just saying sometimes its nice to feel like you look good in a painted on mask. :D

So what have you beauties been up to?  I just put in my first order to 13 Gypsies Perfumery and I'm SO excited to share that when my package comes! If you could get any scent from 13 Gypsies, what would it be and why?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ooooh Piecea Candy!

The amazingly beautimous and all around wonderful Manda over at ToxidLotus is hosting a 100 follower giveway right now! If you havent checked out her blog you are missing out! Shes so creative and totally an inspiration of mine!

The giveaway deets can be found here>>100 GFC Followers Giveaway! 

Saturday, July 2, 2011

EOTD 06.30.11 Rainy Day

Hey there guys!

I wore this look a couple days ago. I was inspired by the rainy day, October-like weather we were having at the time. Seems odd to write this now with as warm and sunny as it is today but oh well! My husband said "If rain could wear make up, this is what it would wear" So without further ado, my rainy day end of June look.

Natural Light
With Flash, Indoor Lighting
A different Angle (Natural Light) 
You can see all 4 colors perfectly here.
Blurred to show Glitter "rain drops"

Staring longingly out the window as it rains
What I used:
Geek Chic Cosmetics Glass Cannon - All over lower lid area
Geek Chic Cosmetics Fear Bomb-  Crease & slightly above
Geek Chic Cosmetics Purity Burns - mid-Crease over fear bomb to create a fogginess.
BFTE Butt Naked- Highlight
Unmarked white with silver glitter pigment. - top of highlight & inner crease for glitter "rain drops"

Lippie- Dark Heart Designs - Love Song

I thought the glitter was a nice touch. Since to me, raindrops glimmer on the skin as well. And let me tell you something, EVERYTIME I break out Glass Cannon I'm reminded that I need to buy a full size of it. Its such a wonderful blue!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Make sure you say Hi! and before you leave, if you could please tell me your current favorite facial moisturizer that would be great! Im having some MASSIVE dry skin all over my face and I can't seem to get rid of it.