Saturday, February 26, 2011

EOTD 02.26.11

Here is my EOTD for today. It was also what I have submitted to be part of the giveaway that Ashley is having currently. You can see the deets in the video here: Ashley's 21st BDay/100 Fan Giveaway . She wanted something sparkly. I thought it should be vivid but wearable since she will be wearing it for a party. Plus I thought it would look cool under different sorts of lighting, since that green is pretty neon :D  Anyway.. here is what I came up with. Its kind of a swirly design with a double winged liner. This would be even better with a pair of falsies I think. What do you guys think? What is your favorite sparklyest eyeshadow?  And hello to you and thanks for stopping by if you are one of my new followers/friends! /wave!

My entry collage
Click on ANY photo to see it BIGGER! Bigger=more detail

I made the silver sparkle liner. Not half as nice in photos as was in person.

blurred for sparklyness. Still doesn't show up as good as IRL

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Callowlily Inspired Contest

So the lovely Desiree over at Fake-Eyelashez is having a a contest right now. Shes asked everyone for their best recreation of any of the super awesome CallowLily style looks.

This is what I came up with. I did this one in a hurry and submitted it, thinking I would be able to submit another one, but it seems you can only enter one look. :D So Im stuck with what I did the first hour. Serves me right for being too impulsive.  What do you guys think? Are you guys going to enter the contest? Which Callowlily portrait is your favorite? If I were to do another look I  think I would base it off this portrait.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mini-Review: Wet'N'Wild Stoplight Red

Just wanted to talk to you quickly about red lipstick. I know.. You all have your favorites out there, but I have always been too terrified to wear red lipstick. I have SUPER fair cool toned skin, and I've always been jealous of those darker skinned beauties in their scarlet lips. I recently came across a decent b1g1 1/2 off sale at my local Fred Meyer (who also has every wet'nwild palette known to man right now too!yay!) and decided to try this blue based red I found. It is #911D or Stoplight Red.

From what I've seen it's suppose to be a pretty decent dupe of Mac's Ruby Woo.
My Rockin' Red Lips!(Taken with flash)

Its definitely not as drying as Ruby Woo. I'm actually really loving the color. Even on my fair skin it looks rather nice <3 Great find for right before Valentines day. I know I will be sporting this beauty on the 14th.. What will you be wearing on your puckered lips this Monday? 
Nakie Face, Red Lips.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Locks of Love: Finale + EOTD

Hi there!
 So... today was the day! I went and donated my hair to Locks of Love today. I must say, it was a completely painless and wonderful experience. The people over at Absolut Hair, and specifically my stylist Nicolette was awesome. I went in with a very VAGUE idea of what I wanted and left with what I think is a super cute, totally everyday wearable cut. Yay!  Best of all, is all the hair I got to donate to such a wonderful charity! <3  Ok.. so here's the photos I'm sure you are all here to see.. so without further ado, heres my new doo. LoL *insert cheesy grin here*

Front View

Side View
Thats FOUR ponytails, 15+ inches long each!

Oh yeah.. I also wanted to share with you guys my EOTD for today! It was really neat, and I got quite a few compliments on it today. I wanted something bright and fun for my new haircut!

So that's it ladies & gents. What do you think?

Monday, February 7, 2011

Love Is in the Air

Hey again.

One more night with long hair, and my anticipation is at an all time high. :D I can't wait to donate tomorrow! So I decided to spend my down time tonight creating a LOVE inspired look for a contest being held right now by the absolutely lovely StellaStarish !  You can check out the giveaway deets here: StellaStarish/Thirty-one Gifts Giveaway .

I just wanted to share with you all the look I created for the contest. I've NEVER done something this extravagant as far as makeup, I usually just do colorful eyes. But this was a blast so I might try my hand at something like this again in the future. The look I've created I've called "The Secret Admirer" , let me know what you guys think!

Friday, February 4, 2011

What's Crack'a'lackin?

 Yeah.. Can you guys believe this trend is coming back?!  I think I remember having crackle polish when I was about in the 6th grade. Anyhoos. This is neat. All I've seen from companies lately is black crackle/shatter whatever they wanna call it. But I haven't jumped on the bandwagon and snagged any yet.  I'm kinda glad I've waited. China Glaze  is going to be releasing their collection in Spring 2011. Its got a total of 6 different colors to pick from. Fault Line & Broken Hearted are the ones I'm fiendish for.
A quick Vid about them here: 
Are you guys excited for MORE of this crackle stuff? Or just hoping it will die out soon? 

Locks of Love part Deux

Hi there! 

So, I know I posted way back in December with questions about the Locks of Love program, remember that? :D Well I finally found a salon in my area who participates! Yay! I've set up an appointment for this Tuesday, and I'm getting ready for my first haircut in like ... ohhhhh.. 7 years or so. I use to keep my hair SUPER short, see like this: Yeah. That meant constant custom dye jobs and cuts every 2-3 weeks. I loved it!

My cute short hair

But I've been growing and growing it, I don't really know why. Maybe I just got lazy. Maybe it's because I moved out of the city and into a town with less than 300 population. Well.. I'm now back in the city again and It's certainly time for a change.
My long hair.

As soon as I made the appointment. I started getting butterflies in my tummy. I know I'm ready to get rid of my long hair, its SUCH a pain at this length, and honestly it gets pulled back in ugly pony's or buns most of the time anyway. (sadly). I'm also SUPER excited that my hair might put a smile on a little ones face. That makes me grin from ear to ear to think about.  On the other hand.. I also have to say I'm a little nervous about getting rid of all my hair. I've had it so many years now, it's kind of turned into some sort of security blanket for me.

So.. heres to all good things. A super cute short cut for me & a new wig for some little princess out there. Ill post the third part mid-week after my appointment. Showing you all the final resul!

Just as a little reminder guys, Locks of Love also takes financial donations too!! So don't feel like you can't do something great just because you don't really wanna or cant give up your hair! :D

Have you ever donated to charity before? What do you think about this program?