Friday, February 4, 2011

Locks of Love part Deux

Hi there! 

So, I know I posted way back in December with questions about the Locks of Love program, remember that? :D Well I finally found a salon in my area who participates! Yay! I've set up an appointment for this Tuesday, and I'm getting ready for my first haircut in like ... ohhhhh.. 7 years or so. I use to keep my hair SUPER short, see like this: Yeah. That meant constant custom dye jobs and cuts every 2-3 weeks. I loved it!

My cute short hair

But I've been growing and growing it, I don't really know why. Maybe I just got lazy. Maybe it's because I moved out of the city and into a town with less than 300 population. Well.. I'm now back in the city again and It's certainly time for a change.
My long hair.

As soon as I made the appointment. I started getting butterflies in my tummy. I know I'm ready to get rid of my long hair, its SUCH a pain at this length, and honestly it gets pulled back in ugly pony's or buns most of the time anyway. (sadly). I'm also SUPER excited that my hair might put a smile on a little ones face. That makes me grin from ear to ear to think about.  On the other hand.. I also have to say I'm a little nervous about getting rid of all my hair. I've had it so many years now, it's kind of turned into some sort of security blanket for me.

So.. heres to all good things. A super cute short cut for me & a new wig for some little princess out there. Ill post the third part mid-week after my appointment. Showing you all the final resul!

Just as a little reminder guys, Locks of Love also takes financial donations too!! So don't feel like you can't do something great just because you don't really wanna or cant give up your hair! :D

Have you ever donated to charity before? What do you think about this program?


  1. Yay! You will make someone so happy! Can't wait to see the results

  2. aw. thanks. I sure hope so. I can't wait to see the results either! :D Have a great weekend!

  3. I think this is such a good idea! Good on you! And you look great with short hair so you have nothing to worry about :)

  4. CAn't wait to see the results! You do look really good with the short hair!

  5. Thanks guys! I hope I get a great cut too, even if I don't .. It'll grow back, it's only hair. And this is a GREAT cause. :D