Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Glamour Girls FTW!

Ok... So what the heck is a Glamour Girl? ? ? Who are they and what does it mean to be one?

Being a Glamour Girl means I get a 20% discount off the orders I place at Darling Girl Cosmetics and a few times a month I'll post looks , photos or maybe even a photo tutorial using the awesome DGC products I have in my stash. I'll also occasionally get my chance at the Pick of the Week! which is a new program Susan is implementing where once a week one of us GG's chooses a shade they love, to highlight that week and here's the best part... then it goes on $ale! W00t! I'd like to mention now that I do not get any free products from Darling Girl Cosmetics in exchange for my posts or opinions. I do this because of my adoration for the brand. The way I think of "Glamour Girls" is like this: it's like a little makeup club where basically we have a mutual friendship/love of cosmetics shared by a few of us DGC fangirls and now we get a discount and a cute name to go with it. :D so Yay!

Being a Glamour Girl does not mean:
1) I am being paid to "sell" the brand.
2) I am being given free sparklies to wallow in while you suckas gotta pay. 
3) I can't love other brands' products or post about them or wear them on mah face. 
4) That my body was hijacked by the Borg/ Cybermen and I'm using DGC to assimilate.

Some of the reasons I chose to become a GG is because well.... I adore Susan's products. The quality and versatility have really become something I've grown to appreciate from a lot of the Indie brands I can't get enough of. Some of my most favorite products she creates are her awesome shifting taupes. I honestly never really enjoyed neutral colors so much as I do now. And a huge part of that is because of Susan's ability to create some really interesting and complex shades. Out of all the times I've ordered from DGC I've always been just thrilled with my order. From the ease of ordering, to the adorable attention to detail in packaging have always left me with a smile, and stalking the mailbox is totally normal okay...... ;) And lastly I really enjoy all the interesting, new and fun collections she comes out with. Some of my absolute favorites have been:
Nerdvana (based on the tv show The Big Bang Theory... *drool* Isn't Jim Parsons a doll? )

Cute De Grace *LE* (based on the looming end of the Mayan Calendar.. the duochromes in that collection were to die for... get it.. to die... yeah.. okay.. ill shut up now. lol )

and probably my most favorite so far is the ever growing

Darling Grrrl! collection with its nods to punk and rock music ... this one holds a special place in my heart as music has always been a huge passion of mine.

I'm super excited to be working with such a lovely group of girls and of course to continue to share my love of the Darling Girl brand, something that I do all the time anyway :D

So now that you know what a Glamour Girl is.... please go have a look at the other Glamour Girls' blogs, they are a wonderfully beautiful and fantastic bunch and have a lot of wonderful looks to share with you!

Bonnie Lass Beauty


Scarabs Creation

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

CopyKat : Colorful Cat Eye

So today my mom (Kat) ,texted me over a couple photos she saw in a Ladies' Home Journal (the Dec 2012-January 2013 issue) . I decided to take her up on the challenge. I'm all about making my Mom happy when I can, especially when she asks me about one of my interests! :D So here's the original look/photos she sent me:

The Ad suggests using CoverGirl Eye Enhancer in French Vanilla for $3.50, Lancome Paris Liner Design in Dress-up Teal $24.50 , Eco Tools Lash System $6.00 and Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Volum Express Mascara $8.00.

I didn't have any of that stuff. LoL. So like any good makeup artist would, I rolled with what I had and I actually like how my version turned out better. I didn't end up with a matte result, however if both pigments I had mixed would have been matte Im sure I could have gotten an pretty close to exact match and as a bonus I didn't have to spend 25$ on a single gel liner that'll dry up in a couple months.

Essence Angled Brush $1.99 , Wet N Wild Coloricon in 251A Brulee/Creme Brulee $1.99, My Pretty Zombie in Bettie (full size $5.00 shown here: sample jar) , BFTE in Black (full size $6.50) ,
Wet N Wild MegaEyes Creme Eyeliner in Black 886 $3.99, Too Faced Shadow Insurance $20.00, Maybelline The MegaPlush Volum Express $7.99

I opted for no false lashes as I don't have any right now, and It suggests filling in brows, but I don't generally do that either as my brows are pretty full without product.

I mixed a bit of BFTE in Black pigment with MPZ in Bettie dry like this, to try to achieve the darkend teal color of the original photo. 

I slapped on my faithful Too Faced primer, and then applied a wash of Creme Brulee all over the lid. I then applied a base of the black gel liner along the lash line by itself and topped it with the above pigment mixture. Then I applied a few coats of mascara and voila! There you have my copykat eye. 

The Original Photo is on the bottom and my version is on the top. 
So how do you think I did? Do you prefer the glittery version or would you have liked to see me try this with all mattes? Can you believe that Creme Brulee is too dark for my skin tone?!?! Next time I try something like this I might add some pure white pigment into the shadow as it's painfully obvious I have the complexion of a nightwalker. ;) See you guys next time! 

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Strange Things Are Afoot at the Circle-K

WOAH! (in my best, most excellent Keanu Reeves voice)
I'm so excited to be sharing this news with you guys.  When I first started my blog, I threw a name in there and said lets give this a go! :D It never really fit or felt right though. It was way too long and difficult for people to remember. So all this time.. I've been struggling to find a name that fit me uniquely and my blog. I'm SO happy to announce that I finally have my new blog name. You guys are going to start seeing wonderful changes around here so be prepared. The name will change and the look of the blog, but for now the domain will stay here on blogger. I hope to be able to afford private hosting at some point, but this is a big enough leap for me with the new layout and name.

Thank you guys for all your support and please come back soon to see all the new stuff!

~ MrsKittyKaBoom  ,-* 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The KaBoom Nebula

I just had to share my newest purchase with you guys. Back at the very end of December Whimsy Beading was having a sale in honor of the owner Kelly's birthday. I decided to take advantage of the sale seeing as I had a ton of her stuff on my want list and snagged a necklace for myself for a Christmas/Birthday giftie. I knew I wanted something custom, and started trying to think of what I might like. The ordering process was absolutely fantastic. Kelly was amazing. She made me feel at ease in her world of sparklies and is a master at her craft. I decided I wanted something space themed, my love of astronomy has been pretty much a life long love affair. So I showed her some inspirational photos of a few of my favorite nebulae.
The Eagle Nebula (infrared) 
 I loved the green hues in this photo. Just awe inspiring. 
The Orion Nebula
 The pinks and fuchsia tones here are stunning. 
Nebula RCW49
The purple hues and the navy ambiance of space captivated me here. 

She showed me some beads I could pick from... I made a list of the ones I liked , and then she put them in a mock up for me.  I was SUPER interested in the multi-colored crystals, and they are absolutely perfect for my inspiration. How the colors of the universe blend into incredible beauty!! Ahhhh! be still my beating heart!

I told her I wanted my seed beads to represent the darkness of space itself and perhaps be speckled with a light color to represent "stars" and she expertly suggested that a mix of Hematite Black with Galvanized metallic silver would be PERFECT for a "star" effect. Boy .. was she spot on! :D

She then went one step further to insure I was 100% satisfied with the colors she made a sample of each colorway.
The beginning of a beautiful friendship
I made my decision and she proceeded with the beautiful handcrafting of my necklace. The photos of the finished design were outstanding. I was SO excited .. I mean.. how could I NOT be? Look at this AMAZING photo!

When it came in the mail I practically tore the box open. ;)  And there it was in all its cosmic glory! The KaBoom Nebula.

I just adore it. Saying its perfection is not doing it justice. The entire process from start to finish was just a great experience.

If you adore the custom colorway I designed and would like one for yourself you can purchase the KaBoom Nebula necklace by going here:  THE KABOOM NEBULA 

Or if you would like to design your very own you can go here : Custom colorway 

I am just so thrilled with my sparkly! Im saving up my pennies to get matching earrings in this same colorway, cuz I mean... I NEED them to live now. Haha! Not to mention several other necklaces in her Nerdy Whimsy section are just WOW! I'm especially in lust with her Doctor Who and Supernatural inspired pieces.

So that's enough gushing from me today. :D Do you have any Whimsy Beading on your wish list? Do you own any amazingly awesome sparklies of your own from WB? Let me know in the comments below!