Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Glamour Girls FTW!

Ok... So what the heck is a Glamour Girl? ? ? Who are they and what does it mean to be one?

Being a Glamour Girl means I get a 20% discount off the orders I place at Darling Girl Cosmetics and a few times a month I'll post looks , photos or maybe even a photo tutorial using the awesome DGC products I have in my stash. I'll also occasionally get my chance at the Pick of the Week! which is a new program Susan is implementing where once a week one of us GG's chooses a shade they love, to highlight that week and here's the best part... then it goes on $ale! W00t! I'd like to mention now that I do not get any free products from Darling Girl Cosmetics in exchange for my posts or opinions. I do this because of my adoration for the brand. The way I think of "Glamour Girls" is like this: it's like a little makeup club where basically we have a mutual friendship/love of cosmetics shared by a few of us DGC fangirls and now we get a discount and a cute name to go with it. :D so Yay!

Being a Glamour Girl does not mean:
1) I am being paid to "sell" the brand.
2) I am being given free sparklies to wallow in while you suckas gotta pay. 
3) I can't love other brands' products or post about them or wear them on mah face. 
4) That my body was hijacked by the Borg/ Cybermen and I'm using DGC to assimilate.

Some of the reasons I chose to become a GG is because well.... I adore Susan's products. The quality and versatility have really become something I've grown to appreciate from a lot of the Indie brands I can't get enough of. Some of my most favorite products she creates are her awesome shifting taupes. I honestly never really enjoyed neutral colors so much as I do now. And a huge part of that is because of Susan's ability to create some really interesting and complex shades. Out of all the times I've ordered from DGC I've always been just thrilled with my order. From the ease of ordering, to the adorable attention to detail in packaging have always left me with a smile, and stalking the mailbox is totally normal okay...... ;) And lastly I really enjoy all the interesting, new and fun collections she comes out with. Some of my absolute favorites have been:
Nerdvana (based on the tv show The Big Bang Theory... *drool* Isn't Jim Parsons a doll? )

Cute De Grace *LE* (based on the looming end of the Mayan Calendar.. the duochromes in that collection were to die for... get it.. to die... yeah.. okay.. ill shut up now. lol )

and probably my most favorite so far is the ever growing

Darling Grrrl! collection with its nods to punk and rock music ... this one holds a special place in my heart as music has always been a huge passion of mine.

I'm super excited to be working with such a lovely group of girls and of course to continue to share my love of the Darling Girl brand, something that I do all the time anyway :D

So now that you know what a Glamour Girl is.... please go have a look at the other Glamour Girls' blogs, they are a wonderfully beautiful and fantastic bunch and have a lot of wonderful looks to share with you!

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