Sunday, February 17, 2013

CopyKat : Colorful Cat Eye

So today my mom (Kat) ,texted me over a couple photos she saw in a Ladies' Home Journal (the Dec 2012-January 2013 issue) . I decided to take her up on the challenge. I'm all about making my Mom happy when I can, especially when she asks me about one of my interests! :D So here's the original look/photos she sent me:

The Ad suggests using CoverGirl Eye Enhancer in French Vanilla for $3.50, Lancome Paris Liner Design in Dress-up Teal $24.50 , Eco Tools Lash System $6.00 and Maybelline Colossal Cat Eyes Volum Express Mascara $8.00.

I didn't have any of that stuff. LoL. So like any good makeup artist would, I rolled with what I had and I actually like how my version turned out better. I didn't end up with a matte result, however if both pigments I had mixed would have been matte Im sure I could have gotten an pretty close to exact match and as a bonus I didn't have to spend 25$ on a single gel liner that'll dry up in a couple months.

Essence Angled Brush $1.99 , Wet N Wild Coloricon in 251A Brulee/Creme Brulee $1.99, My Pretty Zombie in Bettie (full size $5.00 shown here: sample jar) , BFTE in Black (full size $6.50) ,
Wet N Wild MegaEyes Creme Eyeliner in Black 886 $3.99, Too Faced Shadow Insurance $20.00, Maybelline The MegaPlush Volum Express $7.99

I opted for no false lashes as I don't have any right now, and It suggests filling in brows, but I don't generally do that either as my brows are pretty full without product.

I mixed a bit of BFTE in Black pigment with MPZ in Bettie dry like this, to try to achieve the darkend teal color of the original photo. 

I slapped on my faithful Too Faced primer, and then applied a wash of Creme Brulee all over the lid. I then applied a base of the black gel liner along the lash line by itself and topped it with the above pigment mixture. Then I applied a few coats of mascara and voila! There you have my copykat eye. 

The Original Photo is on the bottom and my version is on the top. 
So how do you think I did? Do you prefer the glittery version or would you have liked to see me try this with all mattes? Can you believe that Creme Brulee is too dark for my skin tone?!?! Next time I try something like this I might add some pure white pigment into the shadow as it's painfully obvious I have the complexion of a nightwalker. ;) See you guys next time! 

~ MrsKittyKaBoom  ,-* 


  1. Glitter is ALWAYS better ;o) I love it, you did a great job!!!

  2. I love your version better! Sparkle makes everything better.

  3. I like your version better, too! The sparkle is pretty :)