Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review: 13 Gypsies Perfumery

Good News Everyone! 

Today I have a review for you all. I'm so excited to share so lets just get to it shall we?

Notes about the Company:
13 Gypsies Perfumery , owned by Darla Evans. She has over 15 years of experience & extensive training in the perfume oil industry. She uses high quality, grade A oils and does not add any alcohol, animal products, water or  diluents to her perfumes. My experience with them was wonderful. They have a wide variety of over 100 different custom blended scents which is a HUGE reason I prefer to shop with Indie scent companies. I love the uniqueness of the scents I can get. I emailed the owner regarding a sale that had just ended the day before and  she graciously honored it, that was STELLAR service in my book. My package came very nicely packed in lots of bubble wrap (tension sheet) , so the glass vials would not break during shipment. The whole thing smelled lovely of course, as soon as I opened it. Shipping & Processing was very swift and she ships worldwide.

The Goods:
I ordered a sample pack of 12 and a sample pack of 3 for a total of 15 samples.
 What I got:
*A list, in no particular order of what I got with my own personal notes on the scents. Starred scents indicate my favorites.
CLICK HERE to see a master list of scent descriptions directly from 13 Gypsies.

Smells of strawberry and patchouli. Very sweet. Light dusting of chocolate in the background.

Decadent and pure chocolate. Reminds me of chocolate liqueur(Godiva Chocolate Liqueur)  or melted Tootsie Rolls.  Mostly chocolate though, not a lot of sweet sugary stuff.

*Cauldron Smoke
Vanilla, so very sweet and creamy, light whiffs of cherry in the background.

Cinnamon (spice) & cinnamon candies immediately. Followed by clove. Warm and spicy. Smells like a very intense version of my favorite tea @ Teavana (White Ayurvedic Chai and Samurai Chai Mate Blend)

This one to me, has the cutest bottle wrapper of them all. It was the first one I said "ooh purfume!" to. It's not a smack you in the face/ your grandma wears this , type of perfume smell. It's not overpowering. The perfume smell is blended nicely with sweet berries.

*Wool of Bat
Black licorice/ anise immediately. Followed by the warmth of clove and a touch of smokiness from patchouli. This is a nice spicy scent and reminds me of Autumn. I LOVE black licorice, but if you don't .. I wouldn't necessarily suggest this. My husband isn't a fan. LoL.

Red Licorice
This one, was one I was really looking forward to. I have a tub of Red Vines next to me as I type this. I open the lid all the time just to breathe in that intoxicating smell. This... is....so.. close. As you walk by this it's near perfection. But if you linger to smell, its just not quite right. It smells EXACTLY like cherry Chapstick.

I adore this one. It smells simply of roses and patchouli. Seamlessly blended into a perfect potion.

Sweet sugar, fairy floss and smoke. Smells as though you are standing next to a cigar puffin' Carney. This scent is carnivale : after dark, very adult. It's certainly different than the OHWTO: Carnivale I have. It doesn't have that childhood whimsey that OHWTO's has. Im not sayin its a bad thing, its just totally different. No citrus notes to lighten the scent. Its very dark and wonderfully intriguing.

 This is probably the most familiar scent out of the bunch I got. What I mean by familiar is, is that I've smelled this scent before it seems. Maybe not this scent EXACTLY, but it hits me like a memory. It smells like an incense shop. Particularly of sandalwood and patchouli. There's a little floral something in the background.. to me at least.

Bee's Knees
Warmth. Honey kisses. A light berry scent with a hint of smokiness. I totally understand the name for this. When you close your eyes and smell this you see amber dripping off a sticky honeycomb. Not overtly sweet.

Jeepers Creepers
I love the name of this one! In fact, I use this name for all my skeleton pets in Rift (Im a Necromancer/Warlock) This to me smells like Sweet Tarts & patchouli. Smells kind of like dusty, dirty Sun Moon & Stars.

Yeah.. thats 3 stars. This is amazing. No wonder this is their signature scent. I almost didn't grab it because there were just a bunch of berries listed in the description, and that's usually not my thing, but... WOW. Its SO super sweet smelling. While I can't pick out each individual berry in there, its wonderful and I almost smell something like bubblegum in there too. Smells like summertime in a bottle.

This is like a strawberry - cherry blend. Spicy like a wench Im certain, had to be. The vanilla and clove I smell sometimes separately and sometimes together I get an almost floral scent like the perfume she might be wearing. I am certainly a fan of this one.

*Sister Moon
This one would be a mood smell for me. I close my eyes and smell this and it smells like Moonlight to me. Which is awesome because I'm a graveyard girl. Its so light and flowery. Smells like fairies and petals floating in the air over a hidden pond on a warm summer evening.

 In conclusion, I'm ecstatic about my purchase. There isn't one scent I disliked, and I'm pretty particular about smells. I'm very excited to try more of her scents! When I do order again, are you guys interested in another post? Do you enjoy scent reviews? Which one of 13 Gypsies scents would you want to try? Is there a hidden gem on her master list you think I need to try? Let me know! Thanks!

***Disclosure Statement: All products were purchased solely by me, for my own personal enjoyment. None of the products listed above were sent to me gratis. I was not or will ever be compensated in any form for my testimonial, reviews or opinions. This is my own personal opinion, you may have different results, or different experiences.***


  1. Your skeleton pic is darling and with his hands on face it looks like he's trying to decide which aroma to choose. Caption: Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

  2. Schokolade, Cauldron smoke and Carnivale sound very 'me' :D I may order from them soon :D

  3. @ Kat :D thanks so much. I was really happy with the way my photos turned out for this post :D

    @ Ki .. :D I really enjoy Cauldron Smoke the sweet cream really makes it! and Carnivale is so different!! :D It was really hard for me not to put a star next to every scent! :D Haha! Let me know if you get something! Then i'll be on the lookout for your review post too! :D

  4. Thanks for the review!!! These sound just awesome and I love the packaging. I will be definitely placing an order as I have been looking for some unique "gothy" types of scents.