Tuesday, August 2, 2011

EOTD 08.01.11 Snake Battery

Hello again!

Here is the EOTD I did to kick off August. I wanted something super dark and gothy today! I think this turned out pretty good. I felt awesome wearing it. Its one of those looks you have to be confident wearing or it won't work for you. It also looked pretty snazzy with my hair which is also black & blue. (I didn't get photos of it though, darn too fast with the cam .. you know how it goes.)  Anyway, here it is.. enjoy! :D

What I used:

TFSI (Primed)
ELF - Waterproof Eyeliner Pen : Outline of blackened area & bottom lash liner
Maybelline - Eyestudio Gel liner (blackest black) : even coat for base color of blackened area
NYX - Jumbo Pencil (Milk) : top base color for highlight area
Milani - Liquif'eye metallic eye liner pencil (01 black) : water line & smudged down to meet bottom lash liner
Rimmel - Sexy Curves Mascara (003 extreme black) : top & bottom lashes
(not a big fan of this product, just used it cuz it didnt matter due to the fact that I was using falsies)
Daiso Voluminous Type False Lashes (#10)
Geek Chic Cosmetics - Solid Snake : All over lid (over black base)
Geek Chic Cosmetics - Mana Battery : Highlight above crease to brow (over white base)

So that's it from me! Thank you all for looking! Hope you guys are doing good. What color/s do you tend to rock when you wanna be noticed? Would you leave the house wearing this look? (& not on Halloween!) Later Gators!


  1. WHOA! I think I would really need to build up the courage to wear this outside, not to mention that my husband would think it is OTT!

  2. I LOVE the shape you did with the shadow. It looks awesome!! I actually did a very dark and dramatic gold and black look this past Christmas and definitely wore it out (though I only made it to my bf's to exchange gifts, I'd thought we were going other places, though!)

  3. Wow, you're SO talented! This looks incredible. =]

  4. You are so freakin' amazing! I wish I had a fraction of the skills you do.

  5. Jeni I LOVE this look!! That liner is off the chain and I adore how the GCC shades look over the black & white bases--SUPER GLAM!

    As for wearing it outside the house, well...does a theme party count?? 'Cause that look is SO "Death of the Endless" LOL ;)


    Seriously. Amazing colours, amazing shape, amazing application.

  7. OMG! I got really excited when I saw this in my dashboard! I love it! It's really bold and graphic and so goth. I also loved that you used Solid Snake as I am a huge Metal Gear Solid fan!

  8. wow you do great make up,
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