Sunday, August 14, 2011

And I'm Free, Free Falling!

Hi there!

I just wanted to share with you guys the look I created for a contest Geek Chic Cosmetics was having. We were suppose to create a look that had some sort of geeky inspiration for us. Now, while I wasn't anywhere near even in the top 10 of the looks that were created. I was very happy with this look. Honestly, I entered to do THIS look, not to win. I knew my character had more sentimental value to me personally and not necessarily did one that everyone knew of and got nostalgic about or one that automatically inspired makeup related things. I wanted a little challenge. I had so much fun creating this and getting inspired! HUGE congrats to all the winners and honestly to everyone who entered! Those ladies and gents did fantastic jobs!

Now.. On with the show!

My look is based off my favorite comic book character from my favorite comic book series.  Her name is Roxy, but she often also goes by Freefall. Shes part of the Gen13 comic series. I've always loved her. She's spunky and outspoken. She's beautiful and I've always had a little nerd crush on her. If you're unfamiliar with the Gen13 series, I fell in love with it at first visually. I loved the fact that they change artists almost every book. This means your favorite character can look anime style one book and like classic comic book heroes the next. They've even teamed up with Superman! 

Here is a list of what I used to create this look.
2FSI - primer
NYX jumbo pencil - Milk (only on lid where pink was going to be)
inner corner- GCC Bubble Hearth
Middle lid- GCC Are there any girls out there?
Outer edge- WnW (Im feeling retro palette) Purpley Pink (Bottom of the trio)
Highlight - WnW (Don't steal my thunder palette) Pearl White ( Top of the trio)
Waterline/black lines- WnW (Don't steal my thunder palette) Sparkly Black (Middle of the trio)
Black Eyeliner- Elf liquid eyeliner black #00908
Holographic sparkle eyeliner- ELF liquid eyeliner StarDust #01116

You can't tell but the pink gradient is lovely & The heavy black outlines remind me of comics!

These are bad photos. Sometimes I wish I had daylight to help with photography. >.<

Hate how sparkles don't show up in photos.. silly elusive glitter.

My original concept drawing. In ucky brown pencil.. but I knew it was going to be pink & black. I edited the swipe out from under the eye in the final look because she doesn't have one, it was just too mask looking or reminded me of "Kiss" instead of Roxy. But I kept her cute freckle dots in there! :D  LOL.

Me holding up one of my books, I added a frame & text to this photo. No other editing, I thought it came out neat!

A small sampling of my obsession.. I mean... collection.

The Finished Product: Roxy Collage
I wanted this to be a primarily pink gradient as an ode to Roxy's ever present hot pink streaks she has in her hair.  I wanted loads of heavy black outlining to replicate the "comic" style. The 3 little dots are there to signify the cute little freckles she has sometimes. I also used a sparkly liner to "represent" the fact that she has superpowers. (She has the ability to control the gravity of herself as well as others. She can also nullify gravity (and float) or multiply it (making objects ultraheavy) ) Remember ... Gen 13 was Wildstorm's answer to genetic teens (*cough xmen cough*) . The graphics and subject matter were quite a bit bolder and this led to Gen13 quickly scooping up a loyal fan base.

So did you enter this contest?  If you didn't .. what would have inspired you? What is YOUR favorite comic book hero?


  1. I entered that contest as well. I absolutely loved your look, it was just so creative and very well done! I'm definitely going to have to check out Gen 13 now. :)

  2. aw Thanks Aimee! :D I saw your look too, it was very well done! I loved how rich the colors looked, such a wonderful interpretation of true blood! :D Thanks for visiting! And yes! Definitely check out Gen13 its amazing! :D

  3. Awesome look, the pink gradient is fabulous, as well as those cute falsies! The collage came out looking great!