Saturday, September 10, 2011

My Pretty Zombie Swatches & Review

Today I have a little haul & review to share with you all. I recently had the pleasure of purchasing from My Pretty Zombie. I used a heartsy voucher to purchase my first order, and was hooked. First order you say? Yup. I have never done this before but literally the day my first order came, I jumped back online immediately to place an additional order, and Andrea was ever so kind as to send me out a blogger pack with my order as well. In total, I am now the proud owner of 13 gorgeous MPZ shadows.

What I got:

Full Size jars:
My Pretty Zombie
Mad Cow
Unicorn Pee

Samples in jars:
mNg #3
Monstrous Industry

Makeup Pr0n: (All over elf eyelid primer:sheer)

Click for more detailed pretties (if you dare.) 
Will not be held responsible for any addictions or random outbursts of squeeeeeeing!
MPZ looks red, its hot pink & Unicorn Pee needs a STICKY base or the glitter doesn't stay put.

MPZ: hot pink w/ pink shimmer, MNG#3: bubble gum pink w/ blurple shift, Moist:creamsicle orange w/ shimmer

Miasma: Buttercup yellow w/ pink shift, Bettie: Teal w/ shimmer, Unicorn Pee: iridescent white blue w/ multicolor glitter

Amacyst is purple for sure, not blue. Grimdeva is more purple, the pearlyness of it is throwing off the camera I think.

Another angle

Thundernuts: Cocoa brown w/ blurple shift & sparkle, Monstrous Industry: Lavender w/ blue shift, Mad Cow: Med Purple w/ blue shift

Amacyst: Med purple w/ purple sparkle, Katrink: Dark pink w/ glitter, Grimdeva: Dark Purple w/ sparkle

Anthrax: Purple to green shift

Swatch Fail >.< : I obviously forgot to take the close up photo of Anthrax in my first swatches, so I went and reswatched it for you guys, cuz its probably my favorite shade so far from MPZ. And I couldn't just leave it out!

Packaging: The packaging was wonderful. I received everything in a tidy little black black with hot pink tissue. I also, now have a small army of cute little bloody fingers. Yay!  I had zero spillage. All containers were sealed. They do not include sifters. 

Shipping: Was extrordinarily fast. This was a major reason I decided to place an order again so fast after I got the first order in. (That and the shadows were amazing.. but more on that in a minute) I was more than impressed. It seemed that it made no difference to her that I used a discount (heartsy voucher) to place this order, and that in itself was a great tribute to her professionalisim and top notch customer service.

Quality of shadows: The colors all apply very nicely for sure. These shadows are unique. I have nothing that comes close to any of these colors. I love the color shift on them all. I do notice that certain colors tend to shift more in the jar/ swatches than they do used in looks. But that could be for many reasons. 1) I'm not using a sticky base, or using them foiled/wet. 2) There's only so many different angles I can actually look at myself in a mirror. etc.

Color Variety: They have a wide color spectrum of shadows to pick from. Especially when you consider that each one of them is multi-dimensional and most of them are duo's. What you've heard is true for sure, the color complexity is absolutely inspiring here. I found her color descriptions to be wonderfully exact. Even when I didn't think yellow could be pink, she proved me wrong. :D

Customer Service/ Communication: Was awesome. I didn't really have any issues with my orders so I'm not sure how she deals with things on that side, however I had questions. She answered them promptly and sometimes even within the same hour. I foresee her as being just as professional with "trouble" tickets as she is throughout her other business practices. But again, that's just my own speculation.

Favorite Colors:
Anthrax, Monstrous Industry, Miasma, Mad Cow, Thundernuts, mNg #3

All in all I had a wonderful experience with My Pretty Zombie Cosmetics. They have 5 new colors being released in the near future so keep an eye out for those! I thoroughly enjoy and adore everything I've received from them so far. I would certainly purchase from them again!

So have you shopped at MPZ? Do you have a favorite shade of theirs? Does she carry a shade I didn't list here and MUST have?  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Great review!! I havent tried MPZ yet.. I hear lovely tings about it but just havent been able to try it.. Thx for reviewing!!!

  2. Wonderful write-up!

    My bathroom is seriously flooded with jars of MPZ. I never thought I could pull off such bold and vivid hues but she proved me wrong. Andrea is a color chemist, for sure, and her professionalism and creativity set her ahead of the pack.

    My favorites are mad cow (actually, the whole husbandry affliction set!), unicorn pee, henrywinkle, moist and somnambulant. (This week, anyway!)


  3. You must have THEM ALL!! I just got a whole bunch of these and I see shadows that you swatched that I didn't get and now I want them! I think they are all just fabulous!

  4. I LOVE the Moist and Betty. Thanks you so very much for the swatches, it really helps.

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