Saturday, September 17, 2011

Black Rose Minerals Swatches & Review

Good News Everyone!

Today I have another review & swatch-o-rama for you! I'd like to share with you my love for the newest shadows I've purchased from Black Rose Minerals. I started making a wish list, and a couple months later, Rosa had a sale and I decided this would be a great time to try on a few shades! :D
What I got: (You Pick! 12 Sample Jars)
Ocean Potion
Hi-Ho Silver
Mome Rath
Stardust (Glitter)
...and of course.... Confused!!

Makeup Pr0n: (All over elf eyelid primer:sheer)

Click for more detailed pretties (if you dare.) 
Will not be held responsible for any addictions or random outbursts of squeeeeeeing! 

Packaging: All my jars came individually sealed/shrink wrapped.  All pigments which are not lip safe are labeled on the bottom of each jar. I thought that was nice, so I didn't have to look it up if I wanted to mix the color with something else. But the ingredients were listed on the side, and when I removed the shrink wrap, they ripped or came off with the wrap. I think I'd prefer the ingredients on the bottom as well as the "not lip safe" warning. But if I'm not mistaken she is in the works on getting new ingredient labels for the bottom.
Sealed jars with ingredient label on the side

Pretty Tape & Bubble Mailer
Shipping: Came very quick considering she was having a sale! Mailed in a bubble mailer. I had NO spillage. Everything came wrapped very securely and I absolutely adored her attention to detail. She personalized my order. These things are time consuming, yet she made sure to add all kinds of cute stickers and drawings to my order. I love that her creativity overflows into her package as well as her products!
Her business card, hand written TY note, stickers & samples in the package with Rose Stamp. Shadows came sealed in baggie, and then tightly wrapped black tissue paper. Tre' Chic!

Quality of shadows: They all seem to go on pretty nicely. Especially Phantom, Hi-Ho Silver & Pegasus! They are so soft! The color payoff for all of the shadows is really nice, aside from Ultraviolence, which I think is meant to be a faint color. On my fair skin, its harder to see without being used wet/foiled than I thought it would be. I have very little fall out with most of them. My Mome Rath is a little spotty in application. The only real "issue" I had was with Medusa.. and it just had appeared to be a brighter green in the photos online than in person. But I think its the nature of the shadow, because MY own photograph of it is a bit brighter than it is in person as well. Overall, these are extremely beautiful, sparkly shadows, in fun colors.

This was on the other side of my tissue wrapped shadows! How awesome is that?! (Sorry Rosa! Now your artwork is up for the whole interwebs to see! LoL!)

Color Variety: She's got quite a large selection of colors to pick from. I know she does LE collections as well. So there are new things being added all the time.

Customer Service/ Communication: I talk to Rosa all the time (personal conversation, not buisness related) on Twitter. I asked her for her personal favorites on Twitter, and decided to get Ocean Potion and Alpine on her suggestion. Aside from that I never needed to contact her, as my ordering went seamlessly. I ordered, got a confirmation my order was received, and then got a confirmation a few days later that my order was shipping and it arrived shortly thereafter. I feel that with all the ways shes made herself available for questions/comments/concerns she's quite reachable. But because I didn't utilize her customer service, I'm unable to comment on it directly.

Favorite Colors: Confused, Alpine, Phantom, Denver

BONUS LOOK! (Watch for this look soon in an EOTD for MORE photos!)
BRM Confused (Lid & inner corner), BRM Teddy (outer V/crease), Psyche Minerals Aerith (inner crease)
Summary: I'm extremely happy with my purchase and all the colors I picked out. I think with as much creativity as she has, and the genuinely sweet person she is, her business will take her anywhere she wants to go. I love the Gothic branding she uses and the thought that goes into the names of her shades. Now..if you are wondering about why I like confused so much.. colors "like" Confused, generally aren't my thing. It's not loud, or bright, or crazy in any way. Maybe that's a reason I love it so much?! It's different than the things I usually wear. Its ridiculously WEARABLE and SO sparkly, it makes my eye color pop and eyes sparkle with the pigment. Its safe for all ages and what I would call neutral. I wear it all the time, and with the way I'm wearing it, gonna have to buy a big one soon!

So did you pick up anything from the BRM sale? Do you have any BRM colors? Whats your favorite BRM shade? Thanks for reading and watch out for lots of new EOTD in the near future and an Evil Shades review coming up that includes 10 eyeshadows, 7 lippies & 4 blushes!


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