Thursday, October 6, 2011

EOTD 10.05.11 Moist Manson

Good News Everyone! A new EOTD!

Today's EOTD is one that was inspired by ... yeah... halloween! :D Im kinda bummed the beautiful purple sparkles didn't show up at all in Manson. I wonder why? I think I need some sort of glitter sticking medium down first?

What I used :
TFSI- Primer
My Pretty Zombie: Moist - all over lid
Black Rose Minerals: Manson - crease
Evil Shades: Steele Green - inner corner & up to highlight
Maybelline Expert Eyes Quad: Urban Scene (White matte from top right) - Highlight
ELF Liquid Eyeliner: #00908 black - 1/4 line top eyeliner +wing
Ardell Accents Lashes: #305
Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express Mascara: Very Black
Evil Shades: Corset - Lips

I love the fall. I'm so happy its finally here! :D The leaves are changing to pretty colors and everything is a bit chilly and grey and wet! So do any of you have any ideas or suggestions on what to use for glittery shadows? I've heard about Pixie Epoxy and just can't seem to get my hands on any, what about that L.A. Splash stuff has anyone tried it out? Let me know thanks guys! :D I know I don't do full special effects Halloween makeup.. but would you guys like to see more dark/dramatic "wearable" makeup like this?  Thanks for reading you beautiful beasties! /hugs all around!


  1. Woww you've used such beautiful shades!! Lovely <3

  2. awww so pretty!! U r rocking that orange... hardcore !!!!

  3. I know Too Faced makes a glitter glue. I've never tried it, but have read ok things about it. I personally do NOT like Pixie Epoxy, it makes all my shadows crumble right back off (maybe I got a defective one, though, as everyone else raves about it)

    Here is a post that might be helpful for you!

  4. AWESOME colour combo, definitely not something I would've thought of myself!

    Blackened shades tend to have that problem with glitter falling off or just not showing up, but you could try Darling Girl Cosmetics Glitter Glue. I was never able to properly use Pixie Epoxy but I find the Glitter Glue to work nicely. :)

  5. Holy crap, this look is freakin' sweet! I love the colour combo and Corset is awesome! I just got it from ES but haven't tried it out yet! i find that Pixie Epoxy works well but it took me some practice to get it right. Also, I would LOVE to see more dark/dramatic looks!