Monday, October 10, 2011

NTMS : Punk Rock & Roll Challenge - Jeni Only

Never Too Much Sparkle Facebook Group Challenge:
Punk Rock and Roll!!

For Challenges I'm not going to list off products used. It will just be a photo entry for the most part and how I was influenced by the challenge. If you are curious about a particular item I used, please feel free to comment below and I'll do my best to answer!

My influence:

I decided to go with the first band that came to mind for me. The Misfits. I grew up with them. They very much influenced me as a teen, and I continue to adore them. I chose my look to be based on Jerry Only's signature skellie makeup. Because it's on me.. I've called this look "Jeni Only" :D

The one and ONLY! Jerry Only (photo courtesy of Google image search)

This is a Ghouls Night Out!
Die, Die, Die My Darling!