Saturday, February 25, 2012

NTMS: Mellow Yellow Challenge

Never Too Much Sparkle Facebook Group Challenge:
Mellow Yellow

 For Challenges I'm not going to list off products used. It will just be a photo entry for the most part and how I was influenced by the challenge. If you are curious about a particular item I used, please feel free to comment below and I'll do my best to answer!

Photo Courtesy of Google Image Search
My influence:
A yellow and orange rose. .. and of course the Donovan song "They call me mellow yellow.... Quite Rightly" ran through my head the entire time I applied this makeup. I will say this for this week.. it was certainly a challenge for me. I'm not a fan of yellow. I like it in tiny doses.. thrown in just for a spot of color.. I don't think it looks good with my skin tone (accentuates redness) , and to be quite honest.. I'm not exactly thrilled with how this looks. However.. I did try my best, and decided that was enough to at least show it to you guys anyway. Anyone have any tips for a yellow-phobic makeup user? LoL! Thanks for looking!


  1. I find yellow a bit difficult to use too. I'd love to be able to wear a matte yellow on the lid, crease and lower lashline with thick black winged liner and lashes, but it just doesn't suit me. My eyes need more depth in the crease or I look like an alien XD

    But you my dear, definitely don't look like an alien! The liner is fabulous and all this yellow makes me smile just looking at it :)

  2. I LOVE yellow looks and wish I saw more of them, so this is a way cool challenge that you participated in! I really like the bright yellow you used near your tear duct!

    For wearing yellows, I always have to use a white base to get it to work. I like using a matte yellow on the lid, and blend out the edges using a similar shimmery yellow shade. ^^

  3. I think this looks great! I love yellow and orange!