Thursday, May 24, 2012

NTMS: Video Games

Never Too Much Sparkle Facebook Group Challenge:
Theme: Video Games

 For Challenges I'm not going to list off products used. It will just be a photo entry for the most part and how I was influenced by the challenge. If you are curious about a particular item I used, please feel free to comment below and I'll do my best to answer!

My influence: Diablo III. I first played Diablo on the Playstation. (In fact I still have that disc laying around here somewhere). Its a hack and slash / dungeon crawler style RPG.I've waited 11 long years for this 3rd installment of Diablo to be released and so I stayed up on the night of May 15th 2012 for its launch. . . Say hello to my friend error 37. I continued to be bugged for the remainder of the 15th. I think I got all of about 20 mins of gameplay. But it seems to be working fine now. :D I wanted my look to be dark and demonic. I think I've achieved that. BTW.. My photos are not "shopped", I just rolled my eyes back and snapped a pic. I think it looks uber freaky. Enjoy.

Saved my favorite photo for last! :D So.... what do you think? I'd love to do more game inspired looks. I had SO many ideas for this weeks challenge.


  1. If you drink a bunch of liquor it makes rolling your eyes back easier.

  2. I love the lips!
    I've been playing the D3 trial at the moment, boo at not being able to afford the game. Looking forward to actually getting it though :D

  3. Woow, it looks so freaky! :D I like youre style of blogging! From now on I follow you with bloglovin’, would you like to follow me back?

  4. Waaaaaaa I totally love the last picture!!!! You're awesome!

  5. That style is GORGEOUS! I love your blog soo much, happy summer! :)