Monday, April 18, 2011

Bokeh Face Collection Contest Entry

This post is in response to a contest going on over at Bokeh Face Cosmetics. If you want more information regarding the contest check it out HERE

If I had a collection to create .. WoW.. I seriously have a giant list going here. I have a TON of ideas floating around in my weird noggin. Out of all the ideas for collections I have, the one I keep coming back to is this idea.  I love Coen brothers movies. They are always so original and tragic and hilarious.  So I would like to have a Big Lebowski Collection made.

Introducing :

The Big Lebowski Collection  A  Bokeh Face/ MrsKittyKaBoom Collaboration

Donny Dust: a matte gray with pink sparkles. (good night sweet prince)

Bunnys Toe?: a bright tealy green color, (You want a toe? I can get you a toe.)

Mark it Zero: Opalescent khaki, a neutral highlight. Walter says Smokey's toe was over the line, and the man with the gun gets to make the rules.

The Dude Abides: A rich warm brown. This color looks as comfy and worn-in as the dudes bathrobe. (It's good knowin' he's out there.)

Peed on my Rug: Rich oriental red with golden hues. (That rug really tied the room together.)

Jesus' Jumpsuit: Bright royal purple with purple sparkles. ( Nobody 'effs with the Jesus)

Autobahn: Shiny black perhaps with a red duo chrome. reminiscent of vinyl. Nihilistic, cuz believing in nothing can be exhausting. (Ve vant ze money, Lebowski)

White Russian: Creamy pearlescent ,Off-white. The color of cream, Kahlua, and vodka, Just how the Dude likes it.

Gutterballs: An antique sparkly gold. A bowling viking goddess. This shimmery golden beauty strikes out on every frame to the song "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)" .

Urban Achiever: a pearly powder blue. Color of tee shirts worn by the inner city children of promise. "The Little Lebowski Urban Achievers.


  1. typed wow - WoW. Can always tell the Warcraft players! <3 Go Horde!

  2. Btw...your collection idea us epic! I'd pick it! Far more creative than I could ever be.

  3. Is* I need to quit posting from my phone. Sorry.

  4. What a great inspiration for your collection!

    Fierce Nerditude