Saturday, April 2, 2011

EOTD 03.31.11 & 04.01.11

Hi-diddly-ho, neighborinos!

I just wanted to quickly post a few photos while I have a moment! Here are a few EOTD I've done using my newly obtained BFTE minerals. I really love them. The first look I had to do because well, my favorite color is purple. So I needed to try a few of those out first. This is what I ended up using for 3.31.

Highlight- Butt Naked
Inner 1/3 lid & Tear duct area- Crystal
Middle lid- Grape
Outer 1/3 Lid- Rome
I also was trying out ELF's liquid eyeliner in 4203 Black, and I was pretty happy with the results considering it only cost me a dollar. Woot! We'll see how it handles over time though.

The 2nd days look was based pretty much on the weather. It was a soggy, grey day here in Seattle on April Fools day, no joke! So I wanted something that represented the overcast day, but with a spark of color in there. This is what I came up with.

Highlight- Butt Naked
Inner Corner- Peacock
3/4 lid & crease- Bondage
I also made Peacock into a frankenliner. So pretty!
This one shows the shimmer in Bondage a little better than the photo below.

Also, I didn't forget about my awesome hair accessory post, I just have been a little busy lately. Mr.KittyKaBoom and I recently adopted a new baby kitten into our family and she's a HANDFUL! Adorable, but truly testing my ability to function without sleep. Haha.. So I promise to have the new post up within the next few days along with a couple pix of the little one as well. Hope you all are having a great weekend!


  1. I really want Bondage, it looks amazing with the teal! You have such a pretty eyecolor :)

  2. These are such gorgeous looks especially the peacock one :D

  3. MUST SEE PICS OF THE KITTEN!!! I'm lovin' your frankenliner, it looks awesome! Also, love the purple look (PURPLE RULES!) and Bondage with Butt Naked and Peacock look GREAT together!

  4. Both EOTDs are gorgeous!!

  5. Beautiful EOTD! You eye color is so pretty. :)