Sunday, March 27, 2011

BFTE Cosmetics Winnings!

Hey there guys,
Let me start out by saying this post is going to be a little photo heavy, Thanks for understanding! 

I recently had the pleasure of winning an awesome BFTE Valentines Day set from the absolutely beautiful Anna. She does some amazing things with makeup, and if you haven't seen her work you MUST check her out here:
Snooglerat's Randomness

I also just happened to be on Facebook one evening and Suzie Homemaker was having a random giveaway for 10 sample jars of BFTE as well. They wanted someone to guess a number between 1-200 and I picked 31, and just happened to be the lucky winner there as well.

I was SUPER excited to have so many beautiful colors on their way to me.
Here is what the Valentines Day set looks like.

Hot and Bothered Valentine's Day Collection

Its super cute in its little heart shaped box, isn't it? I probably won't keep the makeup in there, however, It's so cute it will most certainly be recycled for holding other odds& ends for sure! As far as I know the Hot and Bothered Valentines Day Collection is still available. I believe this set is limited edition, however a few colors may sneak into their regular never know!

This is what comes in the set: 5 new colors of Multi-Use Mineral shadows and 1 Mineral blush.

 Swatches:  (all swatches are done dry/ no base/no primer)

Blurry for Sparklyness capture

I think my favorite of this collection is Butt Naked. I think its one of the best highlight colors I currently have. Im also a really big fan of Spank Me and Bondage. This collection is really full of wonderful colors. Any makeup lover would be happy to receive this as a gift. I am very fortunate to have won it. Thanks again to Anna for her generous giveaway! 

The 10 sample jars I won from Suzie Homemaker on Facebook were all on me to pick out! So because purple is my favorite color, I got quite a few that lean more to the purple/mauve side. 
These colors are the ones I ended up choosing:
10 Sample jars from BFTE Cosmetics
Chaos & Raspberry

Karma & Lollipop Kid

Grape & Rome

Peacock & Emerald City

Lemon & Crystal

My swatch photos aren't that great, the colors are so much better in person.

Im honestly having trouble picking favorites here. I MIGHT be able to choose a favorite at gun point, but that's not the case here, so I'm just not going to pick one. Haha!  They each have their own unique beauty. You can get their descriptions from the website, but im just gonna jot down my own personal descriptions for each color:

  • Chaos: orangy/peach, has a silvery sparkle, reminds me of a summer sunset, very tropical.
  • Raspberry: hot sparkly,warm pink.
  • Karma: pinky/purple sparkle. leans a tad more pink than Lollipop kid does. 
  • Lollipop Kid: purpley/pink with pink & purple sparkles, leans more purple than Karma does.
  • Grape: true purple. purple/ magenta sparkles. purplest purple ive ever seen.LoL
  • Rome: bruise colored deep purple
  • Peacock: Turquoisey blue with blue sparkles. This one is also very tropical in feel. 
  • Emerald City: Medium-mossy green with yellow/gold sparkles. I got this one because Seattle is often called the Emerald City.
  • Lemon: bright true yellow, nicely enough doesn't run gold!It's definitely YELLOW & yellow sparkles.
  • Crystal: Light white, with multi-colored sparkles (pink,green,blue,gold) its SO pretty. Like fresh snow!
Sneak preview of the CUTEST hair accessories EVAR!
So there you have it. That's my giveaway haul. I feel so blessed to have gotten these items! Thank you to everyone involved! Hope you guys enjoyed seeing the colors I got. I'm really looking forward to adding much more BFTE products in the future and hope to show you guys some looks using these colors soon! I'm also excited to share a review with you guys in the near future about some SUPER DUPER cute hair accessories I recently ordered from a handmade seller.

What is your FAVORITE BFTE color? Is there one color you could suggest that I HAVE to own? Are there any color combinations that you'd like me to try out? Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Nice win(s)! I'm strangely drawn to Skinny Dipping. I say strange because it is the least out there color of them all I think. That's so not "normal me!"

  2. Thanks so much for the pics of your winnings! I'm insanely jealous that you won 2 giveaways, what's your secret?? haha xD
    I have some of those colors and I love them! Butt Naked is my new love <3 I'm still waiting for them to put Vixen on the site seperately so i can buy it, but the rest of this V-day set is all there. I neeeeed Emerald City!

    Well if I were to sggest some colors, I'd suggest... Whisper and Lavish, because they're probably my 2 favorites. :)
    Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to see the looks you do!!

  3. Lovely winnings! Vixen and Spank me look like colors I need in my life.

    Fierce Nerditude

  4. ADorable love your blog im your new follower looking forward to be followed by you :)