Monday, March 14, 2011

PF Shimmer Strips for Hazel Eyes Review

Hi there!
Awhile back I won a little giveaway going on over at Rural Glamour Beauty blog. Physicians Formula had the wrong address for me so it took a little over a month to get my winnings sent to me. BUT I was super stoked when it finally arrived. I wasn't sure what all my winnings included but what I got was :
All in "Hazel Eyes"  

  • Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Shadow & Liner
  • Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Gel CreamLiner, Glam Collection (You can find superb photos and swatches of these over at vampyvarnish .) 
  • Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo, Glam Collection


Now that I've done a bit of research, I would probably have preferred the ones for green eyes, as it contains alot of really pretty purples and my eyes tend to shift from hazel to green. But I'm also partial to a little brighter makeup as well, and these are definitely for neutral fans who maybe slide a little into dramatic for special occasions or something.

The Review:

The gel liners I found to be very nice. The shimmery name here I suppose would apply to the fact that 2 of the colors are metallic looking in finish and the 3rd color has golden sparkles in it. They go on super smooth, and are highly pigmented. They had long staying power, which I always enjoy.

The eyeshadows, were just alright. They are shimmery as the titles suggests which makes them pretty. However none of the colors in this particular set really JUMPED out at me. Most of them are different shades of brown/bronze. That being said, I think it would be great for someone who doesn't have many shadows/ just starting out with makeup. You get a bunch of colors that are easy to blend together. I also feel like I had to pack on the color a bit. I don't think I would get this product again.

The mascara is alright. Doesn't really give much volume. It didn't seem to lengthen at all. The brush is quite thick so its a little difficult for me to apply. The gold side.. well I felt it made me look a little silly. Like I had blond lashes to go with my dark hair wasn't what I'd look for in a mascara. So I took it off and went with the black with gold sparkles side. It was a bit better as far as color goes. I don't know weather it was the sparkles or the actual formula of the mascara, but I couldn't get home fast enough to wash it off. It made my lashes start to itch at the end of about an 8 hour day.

Mascara duo on top, 3 gel liners on bottom

Here is a look I did using the products featured above. 

I used the bottom 3 colors from the palette (dark brown for the lid, pink for the crease & a light golden cream for the highlight)
I used the black with gold sparkles gel liner & the gold with black sparkles mascara.

Have you guys tried the PF shimmer strips eye enhancing products?  What color did you get?


  1. Wow, the gold swatch looks great!

  2. Hooray for giveaways! I love the glittery mascara, I think it looks cool! Too bad it made your eyes itch... :(

  3. yeah.. I think I'll wear it again cuz I did enjoy the pretty glitter in it, Just maybe only out at night or for fun occasions. It didn't start itching till end of day. Weirds.

  4. Ooo! I saw a few reviews by Vintageortacky on YouTube and these are really neat!

    I love the idea of matching certain colours to enhance the eye colour. I thought the same as you though - I would prefer the one for green eyes!

    I don't know about you but when I wear a purple eyeshadow certain colours in my eyes stand out really well so I think there should be more purples in the Hazel eye set!

    I love your eyebrows! x