Saturday, March 5, 2011

Black & Blue

Ok.. so first things first. I have been dying hair & practicing cosmetology for over 15 years. Just to get it out of the way, YOU may have different results using these same products. I know what works for MY hair, and the opinions stated below are my own. If you like the results, and want to try them out, please be aware results may vary and you play at your own risk! :D (image of the sign in Rocky Horror comes to mind ) tee-hee! Thanks guys.

So on with it then. This is what I've used this time:
1 tint brush
1 tint bowl
2 pair gloves
1 RGC packette
1 packette Prism Lights blue lightener (bleach)
roughly 3.5 oz 40 Vol creme developer (peroxide) *please be aware anything stronger than 30 vol should typically NOT be used on the scalp
1 box Feria #21
1 bottle SE Hair Dye Blue Velvet

My hair is naturally dark brown, and when I bleach out it pulls INSANE amounts of red. As I wanted my blue color to be blue and not turn purple because of the gold tones bleach pulls with my natural hair color, I took 2 steps to ensure I had a cool toned result. #1. I used a blue based lightner & #2. I used RGC in my lightening mixture. I first sectioned off any hair I wanted blue, and mixed up the lightener. I applied the mixture to the sectioned off areas and covered those areas with foil.  I did NOT use bleach on my scalp, I applied to about 1/2" above the scalp & covered the rest of the hair shaft down to the scalp with black dye. I like the way this blends the colors together.
Feria #21 Starry Night
While I was waiting for my bleach to develop I mixed and applied the Feria hair dye, as per the included instructions. The color I used was #21, Starry Night. I've used this shade many times before and really like the blue base it has. I think a blue based black looks totally unnatural, but gives a bit of a shinyness? to the color that I really enjoy. And .. I'm really not going for "natural" here .. so its all good.  It covers greys nicely (not that I have any... haha.. right!) and has pretty nice staying power before it starts to dull.

I left my color & bleach to develop for roughly 50-60 mins and rinsed the black until the water was clear, before removing the foils and rinsing the bleached sections out as well.

The blue color I chose was from a dye brand I adore. Special Effects Hair Dye in Blue Velvet. I've always had such WONDERFUL results with them. I think I have used nearly every color they offer in their line as well. I'm a pretty big fan, and the only other "primary" color dyes I will use are made by Fudge. Believe me, I've tried them all..Again.. please keep in mind, this is only what I have personally experienced. My hair .. it likes Special Effects dye.

A bit about the dye based on personal opinion: 1) when it fades, it fades to pretty colors. 2) stays in a decent amount of time, as long as you know how to deal with color treated (demi/semi perm) dyes. 3) vibrant colors, (omg the yellow.. is SICK I got so many compliments on it when I used that one.) 4.) NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS! Yay!

And here are the results I ended up with.

Blue Kitty
So.. what do you think? Have you used Special Effects dye before? Do you feel comfortable coloring your hair at home, or do you get it done at a salon?


  1. I color my hair at home to cover my grays. I use a dark auburn. I always wanted to go funky colors, but when I was younger I was always to worried about other people's opinion (hi mom!) and now I feel like I am too old-that I would look like an old mom who is trying to hard. LOL.

    Your hair looks great! The blue is soooo vibrant-it looks gorgeous!! How long does it last for?

  2. Sparkles, Thank so much! First of all, I'd like to take the time out to say you are only as old as you feel! (and man do I feel old some days.haha!) I totally understand about your mum though, mine has just gotten use to it. I've been doing it for SO many years. She has her favorites even, if you can believe that! :D She is WELL aware of how addicted to color I am in all aspects of my life. :D

    The product states it lasts 3 to 6 weeks on most hair types.But also that it lasts longer on bleached or pre-lightened hair. ( .. I have personally only ever used it over bleached hair because I want a TRUE color every time, and I usually get 4-6 weeks of true color (with washing every 2/3 days as long as i can stand it,or using dry shampoo) and then a lovely faded color as it washes out. I have found it NEVER completely washes out. I always end up either dying it another color or cutting it off with grow-out. :D

  3. I like those colors. I haven't put those wild colors in my hair for ages because I can't stand the fading. I do like bleaching my hair though and go for a triple process color. Maybe, someday I will go back to purple hair because after seeing yours, I want to do it!

    Great job!

  4. Nice results. Weird question, how does the SE dye you used smell? I used to use the cupcake pink one back when I was doing crazy colors and it smelled absolutely delicious (kind of like cupcakes!) I think I dyed my hair pink longer than I wanted just because I loved the smell so much.

  5. Hey Cassy,
    SE smells to me.. really pretty good as well.. Very much like almond extract. As far as my experience with them is concerned I think they all have this identical smell. That's one huge positive you get with demi/semi perm dyes. Because they aren't actually changing the chemical composition of your hair, they don't need peroxide (this makes your other dyes permanent)to work. This also means they don't have that gross/burning smell that comes from the chemicals of permanent dyes. :D

  6. DAMN GIRL. I love your hair so much. This looks so clean and wonderful on you! I'm glad you linked me! Your hair is awesome.

  7. Yay Pixie! So glad you stopped by! :D Thanks so much. I totally <3 yours as well!

  8. This is beautiful!
    I'm using Blue Velvet myself, I'm slowly going from black to blue on my top layers. It's a tad to bright so I mix it with Directions in Ebony (I hate Directions as a main dye, but it works well as a mixing shade).
    My bottom layers are hot pink. I mix Special Effects Cupcake Pink & Atomic Pink for the perfect shade.

  9. Hey Firework, Thanks for stopping by. Im really enjoying the blue velvet. At this point its starting to fade to a nice purpley shade of blue. I love cupcake pink, but I Atomic pink is definitely high up on my top 5 colors. Its probably what I will do next. Pimpin' purple is awesome also.. its a very GRAPEY purple. :D I'd love to see pics of your hair! Ill snoop around your blog a little more and see if I can find any :D

  10. There's some pics on my my looks post but my hair's looking messy right now. The blue has bled into the pink, making it purple in places. I suspect it's due to the Directions (it's black but has a blue tinge to it & Directions runs like nothing else).
    I'm redoing it over the weekend, hopefully it'll look better! :)

    Atomic Pink is amazing but it stains everything. I learnt my lesson about not wearing a white t-shirt for the first two weeks following a dye-job. Using it with the Cupcake Pink as a base seems to stop that. Plus, it's an amazing shade.