Sunday, April 3, 2011

ZombieGirl Onyxia

***UPDATE 4.19.11***
The owner of ZombieGirl, Cyndee contacted me shortly after this post was made and advised me the lilac colored bow I received was sent to me in error and said they DO have a royal purple bow! She immediately corrected the error and sent me out (and I got it today!) the color I had originally ordered! This is outstanding customer service and I am SO extremely happy to have my new favorite bow!  Thanks ZombieGirl for top notch service! You're the best Cyndee!

 *WARNING* This post is gonna be HUGELY photo heavy & quite long.

Me & Zombie Walk
I like to window shop online.... and here's why. A part of all of us is that awesome satisfaction we get when we get nice things for ourselves I think. This compulsion drags us towards massive amounts of shopping and the uphoric feeling we get when we've gotten a great deal or found the perfect what-not. So to curb my spending and keep my money where it should be, I e-window shop. I go to my favorite sites, pick out everything I love, put it all in my cart, and then ... when its check out time.. I just press the little X and close out of the window. I still get the feeling of shopping without all the guilt. It satisfies me to just look at the lovely things and what I'd do with them, and certain things I make mental notes of and return to do an actual purchase. I don't like to impulse shop. If I like something enough in a couple months, and feel I can't do without it, I'll go back and purchase it at a later date if I can't stop thinking about it.

So, the reason I told you all that was because I wanted to tell you all about an accessory company that I've been stalking for awhile and now I'm in love with. This company feeds my Psychobilly needs perfectly!  The company is ZombieGirl & Zombaby Designs (she also makes the cutest baby things!).  I noticed her shop first on Shop Homemade and she also sells right off her facebook fanpage. Just FYI her facebook always has a much better selection & is always being updated.  Her designs are so adorable and everything is handmade with love by Cyndee.

Skelly in mah hair
Every day since I first saw one of her bows I would be doing my hair and picturing them in my doo's! I needed to have them. After about 3 months of drooling online over them, I decided I needed a few in my life. The prices are exceptionally resonable,  and this is what I got:
4 Mini bows, 1 mini flower, 2 regular bows, and 1 ribbon bow.
I keep them all clipped on a bandanna on my wall.
The package was shipped about 2 weeks after I ordered, but I received them quite quickly after they shipped. All in all I waited about 3 weeks after I ordered, which I think is pretty reasonable. This considering she just had a newborn and like I said, everything is handmade.  I love everything I was sent, the quality is high and I love the fact that each clip is felted so that it doesn't rip or pull your hair out. Each little skully seems to also be well attached. I can honestly say that there is only 1 issue I had with my order. One of the bows I received is no where near the same color as it was depicted on her page. The purple bow on the page was a royal and dark purple. What I received was a very light lavender bow.  Now.. don't get me wrong, it is still cute and all that, but it's certainly NOT the color I had expected. All in all I am very happy with what I got and I would definitely order from them again. ('cuz I haven't gotten one of the BIG beautiful flowers she makes yet!)

Mini Bows (from top to bottom Gemstone, Purple Fancy, Stalin & Lip Gloss)
Regular Bows (Zombie Walk & Pink Rhododendron)
Ribbon bow & Mini flower (The Guilty & Orange)

Ribbon bow "The "Guilty" my FAVORITE!
Mini bow "Gemstone"
The next little bit is just about the kitten the hubby & I have adopted. She is one little she-devil. Keeping me up all hours, nibbling and playing with me while I try to sleep, getting into all sorts of little demon kitty trouble while I'm not looking.
Bad Ony on top of the Mr's computer monitor! Eeek!
 Yesterday, she learned a new trick! She climbed up all the hanging clothes in the closet and  got herself stuck on the top shelf. *grrr* Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy to have her, she's just a handful as a baby! Everyone, meet Onyxia ( my other kitty is named Murloc.. no I don't have problem. LoL) .
Onyxia (drops epic "lewtz" & sometimes I wanna hang her head in SW LoL)
 We don't normally call her Onyxia, we call her Ony or Nyxi. But I think her name fits her perfectly. Her alignment is Chaotic Evil & shes a black dragon. Yup yup I'd say that perfectly describes her.

Nyxi says Om Nom Nom
Ony sleeping in the tissue box. Yes, it still has tissues.. i mean, a mattress in it.
Onyxia & Me
Thanks for reading! Ony & I are so happy you decided to stop by! We hope you are having a great weekend and hope to see you back here soon!


  1. Congrats on the new baby kitty! Ony is very cute (love that little tilted head thing she's doing int he last picture) Also, thanks for the review on the hair bows. They're totally not my style, but I love to look at them. I see similar things when I go to horror conventions with my boyfriend (again, not my thing) but just love to look... like they're little art, lol

  2. Awwwww, that kitty is so beautiful <3

    I will definitely be posting Show It and Glow It in a NOTD post. Thank you so much for your comment :)

    Xo Christine

  3. AWWWW I love your sweet new baby! She is so adorable, she looks like she is very mischievious!

    CUTE bows, I am loving those! I love how the black stripey one looks with your awesome hair colour!

    ALSO, I have tagged you for a Versatile Blogger Award on my blog! Please pass it on to some cool blogs if you want to!

  4. ur kitty cat is so cute!! reminds me of my Fushia.