Monday, June 13, 2011

EOTD 06.13.11 Frakkin Glass Cannon

Heres a quickie post for you guys today! :D Another look featuring the fab Geek Chic Cosmetics. Loving these colors together. And I really love how the colors are winged out at the outside edge of the eye for this one. :D

I achieved this look using :

Geek Chic- Glass Cannon- all over lid & inner half of underline
Geek Chic- Frakkin Toaster- Crease & outer half of underline
BFTE- Butt Naked- Highlight
Geek Chic- Mana Battery- inner corner sparkly

So I have to say I never thought I'd enjoy a baby blue as much as I loved this. Its very cool looking. Especially when paired with something dark and smokey. So what do you guys think? I've also been hauling some OHWTO lately. Trying out the black magic soap... so we'll see how that goes. Loving the scent sticks I got. My favorite has to be Carnivale, and best of all my husband loves it too!

Have you tried OHWTO? Is there anything I MUST smell when she gets back up and running? (I currently have coven, carnivale, pink lady, vanillology1 & yuzu) Thanks for stopping by! *hugs*


  1. I love this look--awesome blues!! The winged out effect at the corners reminds me of a comet's tail ;)

    I'm loving OHWTO's Barista--though I didn't think I would, Black Tea, Besos del Sol, Lady Grey, and Raspberry Gingerale ;)

  2. aw. thanks guys!

    @rivercitylizzy I've been looking at Besos del Sol, it sounds so nice.. and I've heard lovely things about raspberry gingerale too. What does Lady Grey smell like?

  3. Glass Cannon is great colour, I love how you used it with a dark crease! I also love the winged out eyeshadow, so pretty!

  4. I really like how you winged out the shadows ^__^ I wish I'd ordered Glass Cannon, for some reason I decided I didn't want it even though everybody has been saying how great it is D:

  5. VB- thanks so much hun. Your lovely comments always ALWAYS brighten my day so much.. do you have twitter? Lemme know! :D Thanks!

    SS- Yeah I'm super happy I ordered it myself. I almost didn't. Just because I'm not a "blues" person. I love how they look.. but on me.. I don't wanna look like Mimi from Drew Carey if you catch me. LoL. Its just a phobia of mine. haha.. But this is such a light, powdery, sparkly baby blue. Its really a nice shade. I think it would work with most skin tones/coloring.