Tuesday, June 28, 2011

EOTD 06.28.11 Lemon Chaos

Well hello there Ladies & Gents,

I have today, for your beautiful little eyeballs, a look that was inspired by the summer time-like weather we've been having lately. I'm back from my little family vaca, and I had a good time. I melted like a Popsicle in July, but hey.. I like my rain most of the time just fine thank you. I have fair skin, and I'm a gamer.. so naturally the sun often frightens me. I gave in to a tropical look, the colors were inspired by the tee shirt I wanted to wear. It has BRIGHT yellow & Pink triangles on it (and butterflys!) , I didn't use any pink in my look, instead I took the orangey color from where the yellow and pink met to be my inspiration. Hope you enjoy!

Funny Face to make ya giggle!

What I used:
BFTE Lemon - Lid Inner 1/2
BFTE Chaos - Lid Outer 1/2
Face Candy Couture Caribbean Dream - Crease
Maybelline Quad Stylish Smokes #06 Amethyst Smokes, matte white shade - Highlight
BFTE Crystal - Highlight sparklies & tear duct area

So... whats new with you guys? Did I miss anything fun or exciting while I was gone? Do any of you have any plans for the 4th of July? Have you gotten anything new and summery I should know about? Later gators!


  1. OMG I love this look!! It's beautiful!!and omg I am loving your eyebrow ring.. I totally want one!! No plans yet for the 4th.. Im going out this weekend though!!

  2. Haven't seen you around for awhile! I hope you enjoyed your vacation! I am in love with this! I love all of the different contrasting colours! Lovely!

  3. You and your perfect liner make me sick! :) Very pretty honey :D

  4. @Christa Hey! Thanks so much!! I love it too. I just got it not that long ago, I got a purple single star as well. The company I bought it from is outstanding!! Plus they had SUPER fast shipping. Here is the link to the tres estrellas one: http://www.bodyartforms.com/productdetails.asp?jewelry=curved&dwzPage=2&ProductID=2681&index=4

    @ VB- Hi there hun! So nice to see you too! I loved wearing this too. Made me feel like I was on a tropical island instead of in a concrete jungle. :D

    @SnoogleSweetie- Aw thanks! I wish it WAS perfect. A few days ago I tried to do a look that was SUPER liner intensive, and totally failed. My lining needs work! I was inspired by this look > SO PRETTY WOWZAS! http://solomag.se/killercolours/2011/06/intense-eyeliner/