Wednesday, June 15, 2011

EOTD 06.15.11

OMG Zombies!!!!!! Thats what I felt like going with today. I recently splatter painted my nails with a blood type pattern (as seen below) in my excitement for the new season of True Blood to start and I just felt like doing something Zombie inspired today.
I used LA Colors color craze in White & Zoya Isla to create this mani

Now I wanted this to be fairly wearable. I was going to a couple appointments today and I didn't wanna actually look TOO scary. Just INSPIRED by zombies, not to actually look like one. Today, anyway. >.< LoL. So, this is what I've used for this look:

Geek Chic- Ugghhh... Brains -all over lid & blended inside crease
Face Candy Couture- Leaves - Crease
Geek Chic- Galactically Banned Ale - outside edge of lid blended into lid color
BFTE- Butt Naked- Highlight

Indoor/Artificial Light

Natural Light

So what's been inspiring your looks lately? Are any of you excited for the new season of True Blood? I am reading the books also, I'm currently on book #6 Definitely Dead, so I'm ahead of the TV show, but only about half way through the current book series. I can say for sure that while similar, you get a lot of major differences between the books and show, It's kinda neat, since I'm really enjoying both to get 2 different stories with the same characters. It makes things interesting.  Hope you are all enjoying your week! 

On a personal note: I'm going away this weekend so I'll be gone roughly 4 days or so. My brother in law is returning from another tour in Afghanistan this weekend so we will be welcoming him home. I'm sure his 2 little ones are super excited to have Dad home just in time for fathers day. :)


  1. Ahhh, my goodness Jeni this is GAWGEOUS!! Love the Geek Chic (sooo lemming them right now...sigh...) and you already know how I love the nails ;D

  2. Awwww thanks so much Liz !! You are a doll. :D I'm srsly in LURVE with everything I've gotten from GCC. I'm trying to be sparing with them though, because I only have everything in SAMPLES! haha. I like variety so I'd rather have a little product, and a LOT of variety than vice versa.. wish they made an in between size product for crazies like me. :D

  3. I love these! Do you mind if we put the looks you do with GC products in the photo album on our site? :D - Deb

  4. Ahh this is gorgeous! I love the look of Ugghhh... Brains :)

    I've read all the Sookie books bar the latest one, I really need to get on that >__< I want to reread them all first though, since I've forgotten what happens in each book. I can recall major events in the series, but if someone was like 'what happened in X book' I'd draw a blank. The unmemorable titles don't help :P

    Have you read the little short stories set between books? They're so cute, even when they're not about the main characters :)

  5. i love your nails and make-up <3
    new folower ;D

  6. Sunday is going to be a natural look for Father's Day but I am very tempted to do something inspired by either Sookie or Jessica.

  7. @Captainfoxtrot ... Deb! I would be honored to be associated with your products in ANY way. Thanks!

    @SilhouetteScreams .... I haven't even heard of the short stories.. but Im looking into them right now. Thanks! :D I totally agree with u 100% about the vague titles. I can only know which one Im on by the cover photograph. LoL. That clues me in. The one Im on now has the Tiger on the front *giggles* :D

    @just Jennifer :3 ... Hi.. so nice to see you. Thanks so much for following and reading! *hugs*

  8. @ShinkenRed that's a great idea.. Sookie always has such a natural look .. very ethereal.. in the show anyway. And Jessica, at least as vampire Jessica is a little more classic pin-up.. which is still fairly neutral just has a heavy winged liner.. which is so hot! I love that look. :D Good luck with your looks this weekend, I'd love to see what you came up with! :D

  9. I loved this post! The first picture is totally cute! The nails look SWEET, that is a really neat idea. I love your take on the subtle but zombie inspired eyeshadow. I love the bright green with the subtler brown in the crease!

  10. Agh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE those nails! And the theme, and the look! ^___^ I almost always do my looks by themes! But I'm crazy, and like to have the theme played out with the color names too, hahaha. :P