Saturday, December 17, 2011

Black & Virgin Rose

Hello Beautiful Beasties!

So todays post is one I've been meaning to get done for awhile now. ... By awhile I mean .. since the end of October. I know, I know. I've been a slacker. :(  Anyhoos..  I've gone and changed out the blue in my hair for a bright magenta and I just wanted to show you all the results. Back in March I did a Black & Blue post that describes how I dye my hair.  Please refer to that post for the methods I use to dye. I will however list the products I've used for this application down below.

This is what I've used:
1 tint brush
1 tint bowl
3 pair gloves
1 RGC packette
1 packette Prism Lights blue lightener (bleach)
roughly 3.5 oz 40 Vol creme developer (peroxide) *please be aware anything stronger than 30 vol should typically NOT be used on the scalp
1 box Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Color BL21 (Blue Black)
1 bottle SE Hair Dye Virgin Rose
Blue tinted bleach w/ RG corrector and 40 Vol developer
Just a note here on changing black dyes. The Feria I was using faded extraordinarily fast. Way quicker than the semi-perm blue dye, which is a shame. I went with Garnier this time after doing some research and this one seems to be holding up pretty good as it's been in now since October and has normal wear/minimal fading.
Processing Special Effects in Virgin Rose. Its okay for it to touch the newly dyed black hair because its so dark, it should only slightly tint that hair IF it even does that. But beware of using this process if your dying over ANY other color than dark black hair.
A note on Special Effects dyes: I still love them. This is the 3rd time in my life I've used Virgin Rose. Its SO pretty. A nice in between shade if you can't decide between pink & purple. Its also very vibrant without being too in your face against the black dye. I wish they had a wider range of colors to choose from, as I've been through them all quite a few times. But I'm glad they haven't lost sight of quality control. I think a lot of companies market their products for rebellious tweens/teens. Heck.. I use to change my hair color once every few weeks when I had UBER short hair. But I like to keep it longer and healthier now. And also, because I'm a bit older I really appreciate the quality of this product compared to ... Manic Panic for instance. They have LOVELY colors and SO many to pick from.. but the quality just isn't there. I've used them too many times and gotten something that the fade out color is some pukey gross color that makes me wish I'd never dyed it 3 weeks before. So when you're choosing your dye, make sure you're getting a decent quality product, not just the COLOR you love. :) 

Ok so now onto the fun stuff.

Before: Can you believe I did this in MARCH! :D LOVE that staying power! My black looks brown though. :(
Bleached out/ freshly dyed black. My bleach job was sloppy. I have some unevenness.. but its okay!
Final Product. Aw .. isn't it pretty?
Thanks to my friend Adrian. He morphed my photos together into one awesome patriotic mashup. LoL!
Fin! :D Ack! Nakie face tho! 
This is a look I called Violet Vampire. I did it for a NTMS weekly challenge. I will be posting it next time. Im still processing through the photos, but look for it soonly! I really like how it turned out!
Okay. So there's my most recent hair journey. I honestly would really like another hair cut soon. I want something like what I had done before. Kinda a shaggy bottom bob. LoL! I love texture! Maybe something right below the jaw line? Above my shoulders? Hrm.. what you do think? Thanks for looking and have a great day!


  1. GIRL! I love that Violet Vampire look--those eyes, WOW!! So Death-of-the-Endless :wubs: Awesome.