Sunday, January 29, 2012

EOTD 01.25.12 Psychobilly Pinup

Good News Everyone! A new EOTD!

Well.. maybe not an ACTUAL eye of the day. HA! Today is more like a full FOTD.. but I dont really use any face products because I cannot find a suitable foundation. Its super frusterating to say the least. I mean.. look how red/ blotchy I am in these photos. I'm sure a plain medium coverage foundation would cover most of these imperfections. Such a struggle for me. If anyone could suggest a foundation that doesn't make UBER DRY skin look like shedding lizard skin (even when I apply moisturizer to my face (am/pm & right before makeup application) & even add it into the foundation sometimes) I'd be forever in debt to you!  It sucks putting it on.. only to realize you look 20 times worse than your natural skin looked and you PAID moola to look that way. /sigh..  Anyway.. this look was inspired by my love for psychobilly. Its got a retro/ pinup vibe that I love!! It turned out very nice.  Sorry I didn't get any up close photos of just the eye look today. My camera ran outta juice, and I only got 4 or 5 photos to pick from, and all were full face.

What I used:
Beauty From the Earth: Butt Naked - all over eye area, all the way up to the brow.
Maybelline 24hr Color Tattoo by EyeStudio:  Tough as Taupe - Blended into the crease & heavier in the outer Vee.
Maybelline The Falsies Volum Express Mascara: Very Black
ELF Liquid Eyeliner: #4203 black - eyeliner + wing
Milani Liquif'eye Metallic Eye Liner Pencil: 01 Black - waterline
Wet N Wild: #911D or Stoplight Red - lips

Haha! This was the funniest face I made out of all the photos so I had to share it! 

Instagram app photo. Showing what my face could look like with perfect foundation. LoL.
So.. the only thing I didn't care for were the snobby snobs working at Sephora today. Why do bitches horribly rude/mean women (i call them "countergirls") always gotta work in cosmetic retail? You work retail in a MALL sugar.. don't treat me like I'm an idiot or beneath you or whatever. Its appalling.  I know I'm fat but chill out, I still care what I look like. I boycott going into their physical locations for that exact reason. Don't even get me started on the MAC counter. I literally quake with anxiety just stepping up to one. Way to make your customers feel awesome! I think that's one of the reasons so many people shop online, watch out snobby countergirls, you're gonna be out of a job thanks to the internet if you don't snip the 'tude.
*disclaimer*not ALL retail workers are "countergirls" there are a FEW out there who are lovely and friendly and helpful and are genuine diamonds in a sea of self hating hags who push their insecurities onto unsuspecting victims. and END RANT. :D So how have you all been doing? Hope things are well in your necks of the woods! Glad you stopped by! And don't forget to say hi before you go! :D


  1. Amen on the counter girls! Ugh.

    Love those red lips on you. looks great!

  2. i have very dry skin and i too have struggled with foundations. honestly i think exfoliating is so super important. i exfoliate lightly everyday just by gently rubbing my face with a washcloth when i was my makeup off. once a week i do an aspirin mask and that does the major exfoliating.

    for foundations i would definitely suggest something with a dewy or satin finish as matte tends to make dry skin look worse. one of my favs is the neutrogena healthy skin liquid, have you tried it? it's a dupe for nars sheer glow.

    just giving some suggestions, hope they help! that lippie sure is pretty on you!

  3. I'm a big girl, too, and it's ridiculous how many of the countergirls turn their noses up at me. What's interesting is that there's a girl at the MAC counter near me who is quite large herself -- I mean, larger than me, and I'm big... and she's the snobbiest snob of them all! (She's such a condescending know-it-all that last time she asked if she could help me, I told her I'd rather have one of the other girls help.) So I'm not sure if it's my weight they're turning their noses up at or if they just turn their noses up at everyone.

  4. Beautiful look! I love Butt Naked<33 And I'm happy; I loved the lipcolor on you and when I read it was Stoplight, I cheered because I own that shade! Yay xD I should wear it more often :)

    Ugh rude snobby nasty counterpeople are the reason I've never been to a single makeup counter in my life. It's sad because I really want to check them out, but I'm just way too insecure. I'm a pushover too.. I'd spend the entire consultation worrying about them being mad at me for not buying anything. :(

  5. Some of the counter girls are really mean. But don't mind them. You deserve better.

    Gorgeous pinup do. Love those lips.

  6. You have such pouty, gorgeous lips! I am INCREDIBLY jealous, you carry this look off so well! xxx

  7. Awesome lip color for you!

    It's weird the variance of SA's at the different beauty stores I go to (MAC/Sephora/Ulta/Lush) Some it depends on the location (like I have never been treated poorly at my local Lush, but have been at one that was not as close to home) Ulta and MAC I tend to find to be snob central. Sephora either the SA's are snobby or almost clingy they're so nice (I had one follow me for an hour asking about my life...) No matter what, though, don't let them bring you down.

  8. Oooh, those red lips look awesome on you! This is a lovely, classic look. I agree with you, I hate when ladies/gentlemen who work at makeup counters are rude and make you feel intimidated. Some people are inexperienced with makeup and want to try stuff out and this doesn't help when people treat you like you're some kind of idiot.