Wednesday, May 18, 2011

ABC - I've been Tagged!

I was Tagged by the beautimous and wonderful Manda. :D Her blog brings me daily joy..srsly.

A. Age: 31... really.. thats just gross..If I could,I would choose to still be in my early 20's tyvm.
B. Bed size: We have a hand me down King. The springs are a nightly back-ache.. I can't wait till our " New Bed Fund" has acquired enough Moola!
C. Chore you hate: Dishes. Makes my hands peel. I despise them. & Mopping I guess I don't like that either. The rest I can handle... laundry I actually enjoy doing.. Its my zen-task.
D. Day: My favorite Day would probably be any that my husband has off work!
E. Essential start to your day: Caffeine : Coffee, Diet Cherry Dr.Pepper. & my cats running all over me in bed. I guess it's time to get up.
F. Favourite colour:  It's most certainly purple.
G. Gold or Silver: Silver. Gold makes my skin look greenish. Plus I just prefer the color over-all I think.
H. Height: I'm 5'10-ish maybe 5'9.
I. Instruments: I played the violin for years, I sucked. I don't play anything anymore. Im not musically talented.
J. Job title: Homemaker
K. Kids: None yet. But my husband and I would love to have them.
L. Live: I live in the Seattle, WA area.
M. Mum’s name: Katherine
N. Nicknames: KittyKaBoom (my wow toon), Jaycee (My first & middle names put together)
O. Overnight hospital stays: I've had a couple, when I was diagnosed with Diabetes I stayed 2 days, I had my appendix & gal bladder out, & I had a tumor removed out of my arm/ surgery on my knees. (That's 3 stays total if you are counting)
P. Pet peeve: Blatant ignorance, talking with your mouth full, Volatile relationships that affect more than just the involved couple, leaving the cupboards open in the kitchen, Rudeness, people who only do the right thing because someone is watching. I could go on and on.. but I won't.
Q. Quote from a movie: Just a few of my favorites... I have too many!

"They are all your hat, Mr. Angier. "~The Prestige
" I don't know what you are but I'm going to fuckin' eat you too!"~ Grandmas Boy
"The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. "~ Moulin Rouge!
"Your eyes can be so cruel, just as I can be so cruel."~Labyrinth
R. Right or left handed: Righty.
S. Siblings: I am the eldest of 4 children.
T. Time you wake up: I generally wake up around 3:00pm. Im a graveyard girl.
U. Underwear: My favorite are comfortable, Boy short type.
V. Vegetables you dislike: Onions .. they make me gag, & peas.

W. What makes you run late: Procrastination.
X. X-Rays you’ve had: arm,tummy, teeth, knees, i even had a full body cat scan to make sure the rest of my body was tumor free.
Y. Yummy food you make: I love being in the kitchen. Taco salads, Homemade Mac & Cheese, Fettuccine Alfredo, Grilled Cheese, Enchiladas & Rice, Sweet & Sour Chicken, Bacon Wrapped Chicken Ricotta, Homemade garlic cornbread croutons, Banana Pudding, Pineapple fruit salad,
Z. Zoo: My favorite Zoo is the National Zoo, but only because it has Pandas! I love animals, I wish I could go to the zoo more often.

Oh yes.. now I'm suppose to tag other people. I tag: Betsy , Vulcan Butterfly , Emily ,& Michelle  And ANYONE else who wants to please feel free to do this as well, & just post your link to your answers in the comments! :D Thanks!


  1. Bacon wrapped chicken ricotta??? RECIPE PLS :D

  2. Heres the link for it:

    So yeah.. its MY personal recipe, that I wrote. I've just been sharing it :D

  3. Ah mah gah ... that does sound amazing. My family loves stuffed chicken though we don't have it often and anything + bacon = good obviously ^.^ thanks for linking :D

  4. Man all your foods made me not hungry but hooongry LOL

  5. cool, thanks for the tag! this looks totally super fun!! XD

  6. Oh wow, I'm impressed, you sound like you're an awesome cook!

  7. Uh I bookmarked your recipe. That sounds freaking amazing. My mouth is watering and chicken doesn't even agree with me. haha

  8. @Melissa LoLz. omg. i actually laughed out loud. haha!

    @betsy Can't wait to see your answers!

    @VB :D I hope so.. my husband likes my food, but.. hell.. he will eat stuff off the floor so... yeah. haha. Can't wait to see your answers too!

    @Manda Its super good. The first time I made it was for my Mom a couple mothers days ago.. I wanted something special, and different but not SO different she'd go "WTF is that" haha. :D **recipe tip** Try to make sure you elevate the chicken out of the drippings(use a rack inside the pan you bake it in) or its going to be overly bacony (sometimes a good thing depending on who u r, and sometimes it can get a little too greasy depending on how fatty your bacon is)

  9. I love Pallies! I've been playing too much WoW lately lol..
    Enjoyed the read, thanks for the tag! Looking forward to doing mine :D