Sunday, May 8, 2011

EOTD 05.08.11

Hi there. I've had a ton of FAIL's lately with makeup.. but today I think I got a good one to share with you guys! :D Here is a look I did today using :

too faced shadow insurance
Nyx jumbo pencil (Milk)
BFTE Butt Naked (Highlight)
BFTE Casablanca Nights (Crease & outer V)
BFTE Chaos (Lid)
ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Black)
NYX Round Lipstick (636 Gardenia)

Blurred slightly for sparkle , Can't seem to photograph the awesomeness of Casablanca Nights
NYX 636 Gardenia

I love the blue sparkles in Casablanca Nights, and I couldn't seem to get a good photograph of this look today, The color of chaos is really on the border between a light pink and coral. Hope you guys enjoyed your Sunday.

I'm out of mascara.. Looking for a Holy Grail.. I love an intense black that gives me volume but mostly length. The one I'm wearing here is Rimmel something.. and I don't really like it.. It's awfully clumpy and doesn't give me length at all.  Thanks for any suggestions!


  1. Love the sparkles! A couple of my favorite mascaras lately have been Smashbox Lash DNA and Cargo LashActivator. I've actually been buying up the Sephora mascara sampler kits, though, because that I have this theory that they always make the trial sized ones better (that way they lure you into buying the full size which might be kind of eh, but you already shelled out the money)

  2. Nice :D Thanks for the tip.. Ill look into those.
    Was also thinking about Fairy Drops, but I don't know if I can honestly shell out 25$ for something that's going to last me a month or so.. Hrm...

  3. I use The Falsies Volum'Express in Black Drama by Maybelline. It's only about $6.00 and is a good black mascara.

  4. I love Casablanca nights with Chaos! Those blue sparkles look great with the coral-y goodness of Chaos. My favourite mascara right now is Maybelline The Falsies (it's purple wtih blue/teal writing on it). I tried The Falsies Black Drama and I thought it really clumped up my lashes. Maybelline The Colossal isn't bad but it SMELLS terrible! Also, Maybelline One By One mascara is nice for a more subtle, lash defining effect. Also, Maybelline mascara is not particularly pricey, so if you really don't like it, it's not like you paid $30 for it or something!

  5. This looks AMAZING! I love the light pink contrasting with the dark. I love the way you did you liner too.

    And I know nothing about mascaras really. None I have ever tried have blown me out of the water. I haven't tried any high end ones though. Let us know how your search goes!