Sunday, May 15, 2011

EOTD 05.13.11

Friday the 13th Inspired EOTD.  I went goth/vampy with this one guys.

WnW Holiday Palette in Night Elf
(Red=Middle Right color, Black=Bottom Right color, Silver=Top Right color, Cream=Top Left color)

Red- inner 1/3
BFTE Vixen- outer 2/3 & inner highlight
Black- crease
Silver- inner crease
Cream- Highlight
Silver-tear duct & inner 1/3 under lash line
Black- outer 2/3 under lash line
All shadows over Too Faced shadow insurance & NYX jumbo pencil in Milk

ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen (Black)

Beautique Lip Pencil in Real Red for water line
*Sexy Curves Mascara by Rimmel in Extreme Black

*Started using a new mascara which I am hating. It doesn't lengthen at all. Doesn't even really hold a curl for me either. For me, it's also easy to get clumping too. When I say clumping here, I don't mean my lashes stick together I mean like clumps of product get applied to my lashes easily. I liked my old mascara better than this one, and it wasn't so great.

Lined & Filled with Beautique Lip Pencil in Real Red
Mixed ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine in Angel with BFTE's Vixen for custom lip color. 

Finished Look:

Thanks for looking! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend!


  1. very nice makeup your lip color too.

  2. Nice eye makeup, love your use of colours.

  3. I LOVE the red on your water line. And I'm always in awe of your eyeliner skillz. :)

  4. Oh yeah this is a badass look ! :D Love the red on the waterline !!

  5. Awesome!!! Your eyes really pop with the red!

  6. OMG THIS IS AWESOME!!! I love the lipcolour and the colour placement of the eyeshadows is FANTASTIC!

  7. Thanks you guys. I had personal responses to each of you that took me about a billion years to type out, but Google eated them. SO I will just thank you all so much for looking.

    I really love this look too. It was suggested by my husband to do something scary for Friday the 13th, since its our wedding anniversary. (*not in this month) But I love the red in the water line, i think it adds a bit of sinister to the whole look.

    As far as my liner skills go.. i have no idea where I got them. LoL. I wish I could tell you some trade secret, but I just dont have one. I start from the outside and make my way into the inner portion and its probably the thing I take the longest doing for my whole makeup routine.

    I love how the silver in this look breaks up what would usually be a very black look, and really love how the red shadow goes up the inner portion to meet the highlight shade. I think it changes things a bit.

    && because my eyes are hazel green (shifting more green) and because red is across from green on the color wheel, the red in the water line really makes the green in my eyes PoP in this look! :D

    Thanks again everyone for looking! Hope to have a new look very soon for you all!