Sunday, May 29, 2011

Geek Chic Swatches FTW

Ciao Bellas! I hope that this blog post finds you well!  My Geek Chic package arrived in the mail yesterday and I'm sad to say (for my pocketbooks sake) that I really love every color I got!!!! Haha! [Epic Win]

I just wanted to post this really quickly, to show you what I got and let you know they are currently having a sale for 25% off until Monday night! Go to Geek Chic Use coupon code "memday25" and go scoop up a few of these beauties while they are on sale.

I'll be doing a a few looks with these a little later, but for now.. here's a look at the pretty colors! /happydance.

**All swatches are on bare skin, no primer/not wet** (Click on photos to increase size)

No Flash, Natural Light
From Left to Right
Top Row: Ugghhh Brains, Game Over, Galactically Banned Ale (GO BOLDY collection), Glass Cannon
Middle Row: Eyes of the Werewolf, Fear Bomb, Purity Burns, Viking King
Bottom Row: Bubble Hearth, Are there any girls out there, Mana Battery, Frakkin Toaster, Solid Snake

No Flash, Natural Light

Taken with flash to show pretty sparklies!
My single "complaint" if you can even call it that, is that I didn't even get ONE business card. Maybe they are out or something? So... How am I suppose to suggest these beauties when all the girls @ AFK TAVERN wanna get their nerdy little hands on these? I think Geek Chic should team up with AFK and sell their products there! No shipping time is okay with me! *hint, hint* 

Oh yeah.. I wanted to mention I had ZERO explosions happen, but I tried to avoid that by paying a little more and going with the bubble mailer.. *i has uber protecktion wif mah bubblez* (did I really compare an envelope to a Pally buff /sigh.. sometimes I think I need professional help. LoL) There are a few colors that didn't photograph as nicely as they look in person which is sad, however I can say that I am not disappointed with ANY of them. I am also looking forward to seeing the new "Go Boldly" (Trekkie inspired collection!) when it comes out in the near future as well! So nice of them to include a little teaser in my package from that!

SO.... How'd I do? I'm still learning the art of swatch photography. Do you have any tips for me?  Did I miss out on your favorite Geek Chic color? What is your favorite?  Any color combos you guys wanna see in an upcoming look? Just make your requests known down below. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!  Later Gators!


  1. I think you did a lovely job of photographing the swatches! They look nice and clear to me! OMG THEY ARE DOING A TREKKIE COLLECTION??? I'll be getting the whole thing!

  2. :D Aw. Thanks VB! I know right.. *warp speeds myself into the future where I've already got the collection* :D

  3. Great swatches, I can't wait to get Viking King! I ordered samples of everything from the True Blood, BSG and Firefly collections with the sale :) I haven't watched any of the Star Trek series (too many, too hard to track down at video store -__-) but I def want to see the colours!